3 Chickens Gone

Support Group Time: Could you eat a pet if you had to?

Ew. Okay, let me explain.

We have, well, had 17 chickens. We raised 10 of them from babies, and got the others as adolescents or adults. We needed the money, so yesterday, I sold 3 of my hens. Three that I **didn't** raise from babies.

Originally we wanted to raise enough chickens to provide eggs AND meat, but after taking care of these girls (and 2 guys) for most of the year, I just can't. No way can my Kid or I see eating one of our friends, especially one who my Kid has taught to see on his shoulder, or one who hops up on my knee in hopes for a tasty treat. And as soon as they hear the back door open, they waddle up the hill just as fast as they can because they KNOW that I have some cereal or bread crumbs or tortillas ready for them!

Not eating our livestock ... I know, it's not typical farm life. Even just 75 years ago, people wouldn't have given it a second thought, but I was raised not knowing where my food really came from. So not that I've met my possible chicken-and-dumplings... no way.

Unless I trade an old hen to a neighbor later on down the road, I don't even want to think about it.

Not realistic. Yup, I know. That's ok. Me and the Kid will be fine getting our protein from eggs, goat milk, beans, seeds, nuts, lentils and peas.


My Kid, for the very first time, took his pill yesterday with WATER, and not applesauce or yogurt! Woohoo to him! Finally learning how to swallow a pill without it being crushed or hidden. We're making progress. Although, doesn't feel like the pill is making any difference. We did get into a bit of an argument yesterday, but who's to say it was the autism and not just an ornery teen?

Oh, and yes, I'm really up at 2:57 a.m.! I still just can't sleep.

But ... I get to bake cookies today. Yummmy!


Twix said...

It takes time for some of those pills to take effect. :) Cookies?! mmmmm I love the smell!

Lanie Painie said...

Sometimes I think I could strangle my pets, but eat them? Never!