Time to Bake!

Support Group Time: Thoughts about your yesterday?

My Kid and I took some time yesterday to go into town. Office supply place for a necessary thing. Library for a little downtime. Wally World for a few more things to do baking. Then I took my Kid for a first trip to Gotcha Yogurt, a frozen yogurt shop that just opened. Loved it!

Was a very long trip, so we took the opportunity to talk. Really talk. Learned a lot, and the Kid confessed some secrets that was SURE to make me blow my top but I absolutely didn't. I explained that I just appreciate honesty, and we can work with that. Great Kid.

Er, sometimes.

Got a little sleep last night. Not much. Even taking a prescription-strength sleeping pill, I don't get much. Just wish I could turn off my head. I start thinking of things I still need to do, and actually turn the light on so I can write them down and move on. But then I think of more things, the light goes on, and I'm back to going at it. Vicious cycle. Cold. Hot. Ooops bumped my broken toe. Oh no there goes my crowing rooster. The Kid just flushed the toilet. Plane flying too close. Rumble in my tummy. Thirsty. Itchy hand.

You get the pic.

So ... Today, I bake! Or, start to, anyway. Have 5 different kinds of cookies, 1 big pan of brownies, and 3-4 kinds of muffins and cupcakes to make. Some get delivered this afternoon, but the rest, not until Saturday. Ah, gotta love the fridge and plastic wrap!

I might sample a couple cookies, but for the most part, not so much. That's ok. I'm learning to accept the ME that I am.

Fat and all!

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South Beach Steve said...

Vee, that time you are spending with the kid will go a long way. I feel for you right now. Keep you chin up - you are doing the right things.