Knock on Wood

Support Group Time: What superstitions do YOU have about getting healthy and losing weight?

I usually don't have any, but dummy me... when I last posted, I said I was under my max gain. Didn't knock on wood. This morning, I'm up to 222.0 pounds. That's ABOVE my max "allowable" re-gain weight of 220.


Shame on me! Okay, shame on the plates of goodies that my neighbor climbed OVER the fence to drop off! And shame on Hubby for buying two huge packages of my favorite potato rolls... so soft and squishy and melt-in-your-mouth. And shame on him for not taking ALL of the goodies to his work today when I really specifically told him I needed them gone or I'd eat them!

Okay, no really, shame on me. And ONLY me.

Doing better today tho.

Drinking lots of liquids, moving around more, getting our livestock ready for a huge storm on its way and eating healthier.

Whereas... my Kid still has a really bad cough but is also having major heart palpitations. And lots of dizziness. Called reg doc and meds doc and hoping they will confer to see if meds need to be halted, stay at the same dose, or if it's the cough medicine that's making an already-there heart problem worse. Keep my son in your thoughts that this is just a little reaction to cough medicine.



Julie said...

I hope your son gets better soon. I know this cough is horrible. If you're not going to post regular here, where will you be? I know I don't stop by often but I don't want to lose you either.
Keep your children safe, keep your self healthy and don't go up any higher, it just so hard to lose it.
Take care and God Bless!!

Cammy said...

It's probably the cough meds. Certain ones do that to me, too. Unfortunately, it's usually the ones that work best. :)

Lanie Painie said...

I hope your kid feels better soon. Sounds pretty miserable.

Take care of yourself and keep in touch :)