The Bloom is Off the Rose

Support Group Time: how is your day so far?

Honestly? Since I woke up, moved the goat back to our property (she was across the street, on a "date"), ate breakfast, and frantically searched for car insurance papers (never did find) for Hubby, I just sat down to type a posting. But now, I realize I still have to MILK the goat! Argh!

Since my Kid has all kinds of testings and evaluations at the end of February, I decided to NOT put him on the autistic diet until after them. Except: (1) still gluten-free (2) take an acidopholus "pearl" daily (3) minimize cow-milk cheese and add in rice milk (4) home-cook more, and (5) eat more meals together, at the table, with real plates, glass-glasses, candles and conversation.

I like that last one. Even if it's just the Kid and me, I want to get back to basics. And even if I prepare two (or 3) different meals (since we really don't like the same things), we'll still be eating together.

And hopefully getting along.

But yeah, the bloom is off the rose. Couple of blow-ups yesterday, but we all three were trying. Unfortunately, we weren't all trying to get along at the same time. That's kinda important. Hopefully today will be better.

Hubby goes back to work tomorrow, and may or may not have off Wed and Thu. So I may or may not have a chance to do more work. That's ok.

As far as eating, even tho I've really really really indulged in ham sandwiches, pecan pie and cookies, I still under my "I better not get to this number again" of 220. Yesterday morning, I weighed 217. Never thought I'd be happy about going up again, but seriously, I thought for sure I'd gone over 220. I guess it's all of the moving hay-bales and other farm chores that I've done. Helps.

Gonna go back to low-carb starting tomorrow. I'm actually excited about it!

Have a great Monday, all!


Lanie Painie said...

Candles even? wow!

Some on the spectrum can't tolerate the distraction of candles while trying to hold convo. It can be unnerving, I guess. But each is different.

Today hopefully will be a better day.

Vee and the Kid said...

Lanie: Ah poo ... didn't even think about that. Okay, just didn't occur to me. So... no lit candles. Although having a fire in the fireplace doesn't seem to bother him... we have played board and card games in front of the fireplace without him losing concentration. Maybe it doesn't bother him? Thanks for the heads up. Vee

Twix said...

I like number 5. Candles don't bother me. I got lots of them. hmmm... I wonder why? What does bother me are open window blinds. Have to close them. And people that absolutely demand that I look at them when speaking. It's not something I'm comfortable doing. Sends anxiety through the roof and then I can't seem to get any words out or in formation...haha.

Sounds like a lot of miscommunication yesterday even though at some point y'all just wanted to get along. Happens. Start over today. Fresh and new! (((hugs)))

My day.... umm I'm totally igonoring that I'm supposed to be being busy. And instead have sat here and peeled wall paper back with my eyeballs. Fun sport. But with you and the hales bales.... you've inspired me to go do what I need to and should. Thanks!!! :D

Twix said...

ignoring and hay not sure how that happened

Cammy said...

Maybe things will level out by next week and you can get back into your regular groove. Until then, hang on tight! :)