LAST Hot 100 Update

Support Group Time: how you doing?


Read on!

Here it is... almost 2011. This is the last Hot 100 update for Steve's challenge at the logmyloss blog. Without further ado:

(1) Keep my kid alive/prevent suicide: only mentioned it once this week and didn't actively do anything about it. So... check!

(2) Exercise: oh yeah, I moved moved moved. We have a huge winter storm starting today, coming with below 0 temperatures. We needed to move the chickens to the workshop for the storm, which meant moving a dog kennel in there, covering it with netting so the chickens don't fly out, building a new coop inside of it, moving cinder blocks/supplies/water buckets/feeders/etc and then moving the chickens. Took down christmas lights, prepped a warmer place for our goats (under our deck), and did LOTS of other stuff. So yeah... check!

(3) Writing: I've done a lot of research and writing, but I'm not satisfied with the final product yet. Result? I'm close, but not giving myself a cigar.

I started off this challenge with (1) being about losing weight but changed mid-stream because my diet had to take a back seat to keeping a suicidal autistic child alive. I haven't really eaten healthy healthy since I went on that family reunion trip at the end of October. The trauma of it all started me eating junk again, and since then I've put back on almost 20 pounds (as of yesterday).

Getting really tired of eating treats and sweets and things with gluten. My dermatitis herpetiformis (a form of gluten-intolerance) has caused a major rash in the most difficult places (hands, sides, butt, etc) and I'm really miserable. I'm ready to eat healthy again, although I'm not sure I'm gonna go low-carb right away because of the diet I need to put my Kid on. I might. I'll have to wait and see.

Except for one day, Hubby's been home for about a week, and doesn't go back to work until next Monday. There are some really rough moments, but so far, no more holes in the wall! However, with today's storm and below-zero temps, we're gonna be housebound for the next 3 days. Please please please keep us in your thought!

Our plan today:
-milk the goat (when I'm done here)
-food/water/hay to the goats
-food/water to the chickens
-collect/dump dirt/sand for the chickens
-breakfast, er, brunch, er, lunch (geez, look at the time!)
-pay bills
-trip to town for lab work, groceries, library
-home .. vegg in front of TV, read, check on livestock, take a nap (or ten), build a fire, put away rest of christmas decorations, cook, clean, laundry, and so much more! But I'm gonna spread it all out to 3 days, when I can.

The Kid has a doc appointment next week for his heart. May hook him up to a monitor to see what it might be. Could be the cough medicine (which we stopped) or the meds he's on from his autism doc. Have a re-check for those meds towards the end of Jan. I'll take his blood pressure later today, and keep an eye on things.

So... how many more days until I stop daily blogging about me, and just do the daily pre-posted support group time? 2? 3? I'll try to post weekly or bi-monthly how we're doing.

Many thanks to everyone for your continued support.

Blessings to you and yours.


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Moving chickens is exercise, not the kind that MOST of us get though. :-)

Glad your little one is doing okay.

Lanie Painie said...

You are living the dream life with all those critters. I am almost jealous except for that high-maintenance kid. Oh sure, I bet he's lovable in his own right. Most people are, but wow. He worries me and I don't even know him! Is he keeping hydrated and making sure he has enough potassium in his diet? I sure hope he feels better too.

I had to wear a cardiac halter monitor for a few days in high school. Pretty sexy, let me tell ya. Especially for somebody that doesn't like to be noticed. I feel for him. Keep us updated :)

And congrats on your hot 100 successes! You had a lot of distractions but were able to keep things moving in the right direction. Rock on girlfriend!

Twix said...

A lot to be grateful for at the end of this year. Kiddo is alive. (((hugs)))

You could probably exercise circles around me. You move and do lots of stuff. ;-)

Keep on smilin! HAPPY NEW YEARS!!

Karen said...

I hope that the New Year brings some relief to all that stress going on in your life right now. Hugs.