Good morning

Woohoo to me! This morning scale those a loss of [drum roll please] .2 pounds! Yes, you read right. I'm down to 213.6 pounds.

Okay, enough tongue in cheek. You know I'm not really working to lose weight right now. Just to maintain. So actually I'm pretty happy with my health.

Plus I didn't go overboard with eating yesterday. Didn't do much snacking. Ate convenience meals (pot pie) but at least I didn't overeat. Also didn't exercise. Oh well. I had a major migraine so the afternoon was actually slept in bed trying to get it gone.

The Kid had a major blow up yesterday morning. I had kept trying to get him out of the bathroom after 10, 15, 20, 25 minutes. I was worried but he kept saying he was fine. When he finally came out, he was really ticked that I keep pushing him to move move move. That he should be allowed to take as long to sit in the bathroom as he wants. Even if he isn't doing "the long one". (ok, don't laugh). I (tried to) calmly explain that in the real world, in school or work or when sharing a home with only one bathroom (not our case but could happen in the future), it's important that you just do your business in the bathroom and get out.

Anyway, after 30 minutes of yelling (yes, both of us), I finally calmly walked off to let him think about things, and I guess he did because after he finished his bowl of berries (morning snack), he came in and sat on my bed. Apologized for blowing up. Didn't know why he did but was sorry.

We both apologized. Hugged. Went on with our day.

Another day in the life of figuring out how to deal with autism and OCD.


Karla said...

what is this e-books? this may be of interest to my son!!!

drop me an email if you get a chance, please

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Parenting is a struggle! So glad you are keeping things good with the kid. Hope it all works out!!

Nice on maintaining weight. Good for you!

Yum Yucky said...

Sometimes my kid (the teenager) is in the bathroom for so long, I forget he's in there am I'm like, "where the hell did he go?"

...and then I hear the toilet flush.

Normal stuff.

Student On A Health Kick said...

Well done on maintaining during this stressful time. Hopefully, spending long amounts of time in the bathroom is just a stage for him - both my brother and I went through stages where we would lock ourselves in the bathroom - I could happily spend an hour in there, not doing anything that one normally does in a bathroom, just daydreaming. It went away after a year or so.

Cammy said...

Kudos for staying close enough to your healthy ways to earn a loss! Double kudos for the post-blowup calmness. :)

Lanie Painie said...

Mom, you were ruining "the mood". Let him have his privacy in there. :)

Lanie Painie said...

I almost forgot - your convenience food could be contributing to your migraines. Check for MSG, hydrolized starch, partially hydrogenated anything at all, or other freaky sounding chemicals that don't sound like food. Maybe you already know this all, but it's worth a try. Also all that stuff can trigger autistic outbursts.

Lots of Omega 3s, no hydrogenated anything. Best wishes for the whole family :)