Quick Saturday Update

Movie was great today. Still a little too loud but was wonderful that autistic kids felt free to move around and laugh out loud. Kid ice skated afterwards, then we went to a holiday craft fair.

Did too much.

Got a part for my car on the way home, and tempers started to flair. Long story short, Hubby put fist through wall and stormed off. I sent the Kid downstairs to listen to some music until tomorrow, and I'm upstairs thinking.

Anybody got $20K?

I want some chocolate.

Or kahlua.


Karla said...


Lanie Painie said...

I hate it when hubbies throw temper tantrums like that. Simply not acceptable.

I am glad kiddo is finding some enjoyement again. Any connection with the world is a good thing for him.

Hang in there Vee. I'm rooting for ya!