Drowning in paperwork!

In order to get a complete diagnosis of everything that's "wrong" with my Kid, I had to get approved, through insurance, for a battery of tests and more. Finally finished filling out the required book of paperwork (it felt like that!), and took into town to copy and mail. It'll be weeks before we here anything but ...


Now, I'm getting back to the business of eating healthy, reading, researching, and making money to pay for all of this testing, new medications, therapy, and creating stability.

I wake up the kid in 1 minute. Oatmeal in the crockpot for when the kid finally gets up in about an hour and a half. Gonna milk the goat. Tend the chickens. Then write. Then exercise. Then lunch Then write. Then exercise.

You get the drift.

P.s. we're expecting snow to start tonight ... 3-6 inches. So the drift thing was a pun. Argh. Sorry. Punchy today. Very little sleep, as usual!

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