Ending This Blog

Support Group Time: What plans are you making for the new year?


Don't let the title of this posting mislead you. I'm ending this blog, {not completely}. January 1 will have my last {regular} posting. I think. {Edited 7:29 a.m.: I'll keep the blog up and post maybe once a month or so to keep you updated on our health and such ... ok?}

But I'm not giving up on getting healthy.

See, with the family problems, and now working to get my newly-diagnosed autistic and OCD kid at a point where life is more managable, well, my priorities have changed. Supporting my Kid in every way (mentally, emotionally, physically when needed, and yes, financially) takes the upper hand.

I need to concentrate more on my writing, you know, when I have 5 minutes here and there! And research these and my Kid's other disorders. And drive to regular therapy sessions. And behavior analysts. And developmental specialists.

And possibly consider moving. Yet again. Away from our little farm.

I'll finish my Hot 100 challenge, but meanwhile, I'm changing up my life yet again.

MANY THANKS to those of you who follow me, who support me, who help guide me, and who encourage me. I really appreciate those of you who have e-mailed me too, and even made a phone call. THANK YOU!

I'll try to keep up with some of your blogs when I can. Meanwhile... 17 days until the end of this year. How close are we all to our goals?!?!


Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

So sad you're leaving. Hope you change your mind and just post every once in awhile. Either way, stick with your goal of keeping healthy!! Don't lose site of that ever!

Cathy said...

Vee, I have a son with a developmental delay, due to birth injury. I know there is a lot to handle, but please do not forget to take care of yourself. It is a priority. Email me at cybirch@gmail.com when you can.


Vee and the Kid said...

Debbi: I might actually post once in a while. Maybe once a month? Just to let you guys know we're alive and how we're doing?

Cathy: I didn't remember reading that about you. Thank you for sharing. I'll wrap my head around all of my kid's disabilities soon.

Thank you. Vee

Cammy said...

Sad to see you step away, but taking care of yourself and your family HAS to be the priority. Wishing you success...

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

Just look at the blog as a place to come when you need to vent. I agree with ideas above. Once a week or month or so. You may find you will miss it! But I'm proud of you for putting your health first. And your Kid's.
That's what good parents do. So KUDOS!!!!

Twix said...