Hot 100 Update

(1) Keep Kid Alive/Avoid Suicide: check - alive and doing much better on meds
(2) Exercise When Possible: check - exercised 5 out of 7 days, although not heavy
(3) Research/Write: check - 2 books will be ready this time next week!

Also working on a newsletter that I'm going to launch in January (with the help of some friends). That will hopefully bring in a little bit of money to help pay for my Kid's therapy and medications and other special things. Hope!

Weight holding steady at 213.8. Had a good meal of oatmeal for breakfast. In a little bit, will be putting dried peas and ham (and onions) in crockpot for dinner tonight. Hubby comes home tonight instead of Friday (has vacation days he needs to use up before end of year).

REALLY hoping this weekend goes better than last weekend. Still have a hole in the wall to patch up. Planning on keeping the two of them as separated as possible in hopes to have a somewhat uneventful 3-day weekend.

The Kid is getting happier. Well, not thinking so much about death. I reduced schoolwork a great deal, and that's helping. Having nice talks. Listen over and over about the same movies and TV shows, which I now know is part of autism. No, I don't like being asked again and again if I'd ever seen this movie, or did I ever hear about this TV show. I just need to shut up and pretend like we haven't had the same conversation. It's hard, but it's good for the Kid.

And I'm fixing tempting goodies! Loves my oatmeal made with millet or amaranth, a little butter (real because can't have soy) and a little honey or agave nectar. I've started buying the Kid's fav dried fruits again: blueberries, blackberries and mango. Love seeing the blue fingers, and know he's snuck himself a great snack! No "suicide by starvation" anytime soon!

And I really don't care that buying the dried fruits and my Kid's favorite goat yogurt and gluten-free snacks is really expensive, meaning we have to forgo getting relatives Christmas gifts. They understand they aren't getting anything from us this year. If they have a problem with that, well, it's not my concern, except that I'd have to consider myself related to selfish people.

Which is not the case.

Got a couple of inches of snow last night; storm passed through more quickly than expected which is just fine with me. Got everyone fresh hay, food and water yesterday before it hit. Goats also got pine tree limbs (for snacking). Both sets of chickens got out at different times yesterday, but as dusk fell, so did the temps and the snow. Now that it's morning, want to get my chickens out and enjoying the snow before it disappears. Selling 5 of our hens and our loudest rooster, now that our pullets (young girl chickens) are starting to lay. Anybody interested?


Michele said...

I am sorry you will be making so many changes in your life, soon, including ending this blog. I understand that you need more time with the "kid" and taking care of all that relates to his care. Just know that there are many of us out in bloggyland that who will miss you. You take care of yourself and stay committed to getting healthier. You can do it! Michele

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Glad the kid is doing better. If listening to the same storys will keep him happy and healthy then you should love each and every one of the stories. :-) If he wasn't there, you would miss them terribly.

Kimberly said...

I am so glad that things with the kid are at least positive and that you are losing again. I must commend you on the maintaining until you had the ability to focus a bit on yourself again. That is absolutely incredible.