What do you want?

Support Group Time: What do you want out of life?


I was reading a posting the other day about what she wanted from life. Recently, my Kid wanted clarification on "want" and "need". As I explained it: Need is something we'd die without, like food/nutrition, water, shelter. Want is something that would make our lives easier.

Got me thinking. I know what I need. The basics of life. But ...

Question: what do I want?

Answer: Two things: to be happy and healthy.

Question: will eating my favorite go-to foods give me either one?

Answer: no. Nope. No-sir-ee. Never gonna happen.

Eating junk food won't make my family love me for me. Junk food won't change how they perceive me, or change me from the shy 12 year old gangly girl with braces into a strong confident woman. Junk food won't make an insane abusive relative suddenly turn sane and non-abusive.

Eating junk food won't make me happy. Quite the opposite. It makes me feel guilty and swollen and obssessed.

And eating junk food certainly won't make me healthy. Again, it's the opposite.

So.. what do I want?

Happy and healthy.

As I often tell my Kid, every minute is filled with choices. New possibilities. So every moment I can choose to do something to further my goals of happy and healthy, or I can thwart them.

Just gotta remind myself of that every minute of every day.

Until it's an automatic habit.

Happy and healthy.

What do YOU want?


Twix said...

I want to stop hurting.

Kimberly said...

I want to find out who I actually am.

And Twix? :hug:

Pippa said...

Great post, Vee! It all clicked for me when I realized that I wanted my own self-respect MORE than I wanted comfort food, vegging out instead of exercising, etc. My whole life I've been struggling with folk not showing me enough respect, until I realized it is UP TO ME! And that makes all the difference.

Vee and the Kid said...

Thanks, you three. Twix: lots of hugs. Kimberly: Want to talk it out? I'm not really sure who I am either which I why I'm doing this blogging thing. And Pippa ... I'm glad it clicked for you. Now we just have to put our thoughts and intentions into action!