Junk Food Disappears Off the Face of the Earth!

Support Group Time: How do you justify eating something RIGHT NOW?

Like the title? That's just something I was thinking about as I was struggling to get back on plan. Here's a little conversation I had with myself on that very topic:


Ooooh, I want chocolate fudge cake with thick real frosting. And chocolate curls on top.


Because it sounds soooo good.


Uh! Because it does!

And what will happen if I don't get some NOW?


I mean, it's not like I'll NEVER have the opportunity again.


Chocolate cake will not disappear off the face of this Earth.

Yeah, well, duh.

So, since it won't be disappearing any time soon, why do I have to have it NOW?

I guess I don't.

No, you don't.

But I can have it sometime, right?

Of course! But not as a reward for getting healthy.

Why not?

Because that would be rewarding good behavior with something that's not in keeping with the plan.

Oh, okay.

It's like rewarding a child for not picking his nose, by saying "pick your nose".

Uh, yeah. Gross.

But it makes sense, and gets the point across!

So the thinking that "I have to have such-and-such NOW" is silly because there will always be another opportunity later.


And if there isn't another opportunity later, like if crabs go extinct or all the cows in the world die, then that's ok. Because NO ONE will ever have that opportunity .. not just me.

I guess that's a way to look at it.

Okay. I don't need that chocolate cake now. Maybe later.


Twix said...

How do you justify eat something right now?

I usually either decide it's worth an argument or not. If it is, I argue internally. Can I afford to make this splurge in over the top calories? Yes, then eat it. If no, then. Can I swap something else out in it's place or several somethings? Yes, then eat it. And finally, will I miss all that other stuff I swapped out? Or can I make something similar with less bang for the buck and is it worth the effort to?

Usually argue along the lines to something like that. I justify eating my 160 calorie peanut butter pie this morning by saying it's greek yogurt and real peanut butter. I guess I could call it just yogurt and peanut butter but, it's more fun calling it Peanut Butter Pie. Plus, it tastes remarkabbly similar minus the graham cracker crust. I guess I'm on a mission to make my food more fun.

Julie said...

I had that same conversation today with me about a homemade peaunut butter cup. I won but still, why after so long we have to argue, I don't know.
You are doing so fine. You keep up the great work.
Have a great, restful and blessed weekend.

Cammy said...

Isn't the word 'later' a powerful little word? Why didn't we understand it before? :)