I have the flu

It's been coming ... ever since our drive home from that horrible vacation. First the throat, then ... well, let's just say that this morning, I can barely move. Aches, pains, cough, nausea and more. It's the flu and I'm miserable.

I'm sure that eating that junk the last several days of the vacation helped to lower my immune system. Probably picked up something at a rest stop along the way.

Anyway ... until I feel better, I'm gonna eat lots of fruit and HEALTHY comfort food (like soup) and gonna drink ginger ale for my stomach. I'm not gonna count calories or carbs. Seriously ... why don't cough medicines and cough drops have carbs/calories listed?

Let's hope I'm better by Monday. I have too much to do.

Doesn't help that mice invaded our home while we were gone, or that I was up most of the night listening to them scurry in my clothes closet! What's up with that?!?!

Sorry, I'm rambling.

I'm gonna go to bed now. Have a good weekend, all.


teresa said...

I really hope you feel better soon!! It's definitely a time for a bit of comfort and rest.

TJ said...

oh no! Hope you feel better soon Vee!

Cammy said...

Maybe those mice will catch your flu and go somewhere else!

Hope you feel better soon...