Sunday Silly Move - Scream!

Support Group Time: When was the last time you SCREAMED?


When my kid was little, we'd have screaming contests. After all, it was just the two of us. Nobody (except neighbors) to worry about. We'd see who could scream the loudest and longest and silliest. We'd scream until we were hoarse.

Stopped doing that a few years ago. Got too old for that, I guess.

But it was sooo cathartic for me.

I miss that.

What's next?

Screaming while in the bathtub! Yup. Underwater screams. The water muffles the sound, and really, it feels good.

Next time you're in the bathtub (or you fill the sink with water to wash your face), plunge your face in, open your mouth, and let out a big ole SCREAM!

Uh, yeah, make sure the water's clean! I mean, to a germaphobe like me, it's necessary.

Have fun!


I'm still hit pretty hard with this flu bug. Here's hoping I'm back to normal soon. Although I'm really REALLY enjoying all of this fruit!

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Michele said...

Feel better and enjoying screaming under water!