No Sunday Silly Move Today

Support Group Time: How much did you MOVE today?

Here it is, half of Sunday gone (more actually), and I still can't think of a Sunday Silly Move! Something to get people moving and grooving and losing weight even when we just don't wanna.

Could be because I still have a fever, but ... wouldja help me out? Have any suggestions for ways to move that are silly AND fun AND not boring AND would put a smile on the faces of those reading?

Feel free to use the comment section.

Meanwhile, back to my question ... how much did YOU move today?

(Me? With a fever of 101, I milked the goat, chased all 4 escapee goats, chased chickens, took medicine, ate some soup Hubby heated up, and really didn't do much of anything except sleep, eat, drink, take meds, and ... nothing. I **will** feel better this week because I'm upping my sleep time and liquids intake. I WILL!)


South Beach Steve said...

I actually moved a lot today, which is unusual for me on Sundays. I unloaded a truck full of natural fertilizer (aka chicken manure :-) ).

Vee and the Kid said...

Uh, that's a good idea. ?? Thanks Steve! Vee

Lanie Painie said...

I haven't moved much today at all.

Those darn goats! Maybe you should get the fainting kind. I bet they are pretty easy to catch!

Hang in there & take care of yourself.

Yum Yucky said...

Today was my first day back movin' since Monday. I was coughing, hacking, fevering all week. It was great to feel good again. I did Yoga AND Pilates, and then worked in the yard. The true wellness test came after all that... yes, I still feel good. I'm healed! :)