My Update

Support Group Time: What fruit did you eat yesterday?

I ate a plum.


My Update for the Hot 100 challenge ... short and sweet ...

-Still can't weigh but clothes feel looser. Might be at 100 pounds lost by now.
-Walking, exercising and moving but didn't time myself.
-Wrote by hand because no computer available when it hit me.

Difficult time. I'll explain next week. Meanwhile, I'm fighting cravings, urges, binges, and not-so-good family situations. LOTS of stress. LOTS of people trying to force me to eat. LOTS of temptations, like boxes of fresh hot-off-the-press doughnuts, my dad's amazing burgers, gallons of wine, and buckets of halloween candy.

It's a hard time.

I'm gonna do a LOT of writing in the months of November and December. I have to. I want to. I neeeed to!


Scuttleboose said...

Hang in there! :)

Hmm... I didn´t eat any fruit yesterday - shame on me!

Karla said...


we are here for ya hon... the blogger folks :)


Vee and the Kid said...

Scuttle: shame on you! fruit fruit fruit! Even raisins count, and get things moving!

Karla: yumm.... apple! Thanks for the support.


Anonymous said...

Stay strong and true to yourself and your goals.

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Ignore the temptations and plan! That's what I have to do! The temptations are still there but they seem less if they aren't part of the plan. Stay positive!

Twix said...

Go Vee! Go Vee! Go!!! :D You can do this! Stress is not the boss of you!!

Karen said...

I'm so sorry you are going through such a tough time. Hang in there:) Venting online is good. Much better than eating for stress:)

Michele said...

So sorry to read that things are tough right now.

My fruit was grapes!!!

Stay Strong, Vee. You can make it through this tough time. Michele

teresa said...

I'm only just getting here to say Hello to you as a fellow "Hottie".
I'm so sorry you're struggling with stress and cravings, etc.
You've come so very far and accomplished so much already. I wish I could do more than send you a big virtual hug of support. But I am sending that...
Good luck with everything.

South Beach Steve said...

Sorry you are having a tough week. Thankfully tough times don't last forever.

BTW, apple is my fruit, almost each and every day. Mmm!