Water Does a Body Good

Support Group Time: How much water did you drink yesterday?

I haven't drunk nearly enough water since I've been doing this family thing all week. I drank only about 32 ounces yesterday. I should have had double that.


Most people don't drink enough water. Well, most people also carry around more than a few extra pounds. Connection? Some scientists think so (at least, that I read on the internet ... ha!)

Water covers 2/3 of this planet. It's necessary not only for basic life of plants but also for life-life. I.E. YOU. I read that if you watch what you eat, exercise, de-stress and get enough rest, and STILL don't lose weight, you might not be drinking enough water.

Fat is metabolized by the liver when it converts stored fat to energy. Unfortunately, the liver also has another job: to help the kidneys, which need lots of water to work properly. If the kidneys don't get enough water, the liver has to their work in addition to its own. This lowers the liver's productivity, which means it can't metabolize fat as quick and efficiently as when the kidneys are doing their job.

- Drink water first thing in the morning, before eating or drinking anything else

- Drink from a measured container so you'll be able to track how much you're drinking

- Set up a general schedule and follow it, like 2 glasses in the a.m., 2 glasses in the afternoon, and 2 glasses before bedtime.

- Look at your urine from time to time. If it's yellow, you're not drinking enough water to dilute the waste coming out.

- When sweating a lot because of heat or working out, increase your water intake.

- Women need 91 ounces a day (2.7 liters) and men need 125 oz (3.7 liters) ... from ALL sources... food AND drink. Water is the preferred liquid since it doesn't have chemicals, colors or sweeteners. Can't stand plain water? Drink herbal and/or flavored tea!

BTW: Avoid bottled water if at all possible (expensive, bad for the environment, has BPA in the bottles which hinders weight loss and is a carcinogen). Get a filter for your kitchen sink. Get a large BPA-free reusable dishwasher-safe drinking containers. Fill it up every morning and every afternoon. Drink water!

I'm gonna go grab another glass of water. Join me!


Ron said...

I have been trying to drink more water, at least 2 33oz bottles along with my pot of coffee and one diet soda a day, and then still try and add in a few more 16.9 oz bottles.

Vee and the Kid said...

Good for you, Ron! That sounds like you're real close to what the "experts" say! Vee

Twix said...

I"ve been drinking lots of water here recent. And you know how difficult that has been for me. Buti have found the more I drink the better it's getting, easier. And the more thirstier I'm getting. I have a filter on my fridge, make a whole lot of difference in the taste. However last night, around 2, I went and got myself a glass. Ewwwe yuck! The water not only looked bad it tasted awful. I couldn't drink it. It was yellow. And I just replaced all of our pipes. So must be the city. Was going to call but this morning it's back to clear. Go figure?! Water does the body good!! :)

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

I've been doing really well the last 2 weeks. I have my 16 oz. waterbottle that I keep refilling and my goal is to get 5 of those in before 6 pm. That's 80 oz. I've been doing well. I SO notice a difference with how hungry I am, or how hungry I am NOT when I drink more! Thanks for the reminder! Off to get more water!

Kinetic Spirit said...

Thanks for reminding me to drink water!

South Beach Steve said...

I am fortunate in regards to water. I have gotten to the point I really enjoy water, so I drink quite a bit of it daily.