Exercise - Stretch

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Before you do any exercise, you need to stretch. It helps warm up the muscles and get them ready to move. It's kinda like getting your pencil and sharpener before a test: getting prepared to do the best job possible.

Plus, it's ok to just stretch as it's own exercise. I know when I go through my stretching exercises that I really feel it the next day.

Do a few moments of stretching each and every day. Even when you're just standing at the microwave waiting for water to heat up for tea, or drying off after your shower. Just stretch!

Stretching burns 7 calories per minute.

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Julie said...

If I can count it as part of my exercise routine I don't mind stretching and I know that it's good for me but when I'm limited on time I do the stupid thing and skip them then pay for it later on. I'm learning. I have found out if I don't stretch after my walks and just plop down, boy am I stiff afterwards. See learning.
Thanks for stopping by. Have a great and blessed afternoon.