Changing Clothes

After last week's freeze, the weather turned warm again, so I went to pull out some short-sleeved clothes again, but nothing fit. Too big.

Went shopping with a relative to find something. At the first four stores, didn't find anything that looked ok, or that I could afford or just didn't work. At the fifth, I tried on 18/20 (2x) tops but they were too big. Huh? So tried on a 16/18.

It fit!

Unbelievable. I haven't been in a 16/18 in years. YEARS.

Still can't access a scale, but I calculated my carbs and calories for the last 2 days and I was well within my range. Hoping tomorrow I'll find (or buy) a scale and it will show the beautiful number of 199 pounds, or exactly 100 pounds lost.

Stay the course. I can do this. I'm turning down my favorite foods all the time. So can you.

We can do this.



Carly said...

Woooo Hoooo!!!! you are doing so great! I hope the scale hits that AWESOME milestone tomorrow.

Cammy said...

Yaay! No matter what the scale says, you're doing the right things and seeing the results in a really cool (if potentially expensive) way!

Cathy said...

100 lbs , that is monumental!

Julie said...

I knew you could do it. I knew it!! Oh doesn't it feel terrific wearing smaller clothes. Just think no more fat lady clothes, no more heading to the plus sizes. Love it, you go girl.
Gotta read a bit more. Take care and God Bless!!

Lori said...