At least I'm not gaining, right?

Support Group Time: What's a phrase that really TICKS you off?


Still having troubles getting back on plan. Ate lots of bread and butter and oranges and peanut butter and chocolate yesterday. BUT I'm not really gaining any more which is weird. I'm just where I was at last week when we returned from the vacation from hell ... 211.0 pounds.

That's good, right?

Now.. if I can just get rid of this flu/sinus infection. I'm really tired of the eucalyptus smell, and coughing and the headache and fever. And my nose is red and sore and I'm surrounded by a pile of tissues.

And what's with this ringing in my ears?

You know .... believe it or not, I'm really getting tired of bread.

Oh my, did **I** say that?!?!

I'm gonna go fix some decaf coffee now, milk the goat, and get back to bed. Have a good day, all!


Kelly said...

Mmmm....bread. It's the devil. I have a kazillion rolls in the freezer waiting for Thanksgiving. I want to eat all of them...sigh. Stupid bread!

Vee and the Kid said...

Yeah, stupid bread. It's the bread's fault! Blame it on the bread! Get 'em!

I wish.


Twix said...

A phrase I currently hate: The math never lies. Yea right and I'm a monkey. If the math never lies explain to me what is going on with the scale number. Yea I cheated and peeked...bad, bad me.

Mmmmm.... hot rolls. :-P Passes you a tissue.