I need to cook!

Support Group Time: Do you prefer convenience foods (even healthy ones) or cooking meals yourself?

See, I've had a leak under my kitchen sink for almost a week now. Hubby thought he fixed it Sunday but by Monday morning it was all wet under there again. I haven't cooked in about a week. Why?

A sink leak means can't run water.

Can't run water means no cleaning dishes.

No cleaning dishes means can't cook.

Can't cook means I'm eating crap.


I want to cook a pot roast. Or a pork loin. Or bacon. Or burgers, or even scramble some eggs! I want to make a salad and add some bacon and boiled eggs and chop some tomatoes from my indoor garden.

NO MORE convenience-type foods. No frozen dinners. No bread with butter or cereal in a styrofoam bowl with a plastic spoon. No spoonfuls of cake frosting. No pot pies or cans of soup. No pesto slathered on bread. No peanut butter and chocolate chips.

I want real food! Food that **I** cooked. Food with nutrition and substance and taste!

Perhaps, just perhaps, I'm turning the corner.

Keep your fingers crossed!

Hubby comes home tonight, and maybe he'll get a chance to fix the sink so I can cook sometime over the next 4 days. Hope hope!

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Cammy said...

You could always wash dishes in the bathtub! :) I've had to do that on a couple of occasions.