Sunday Silly Move - Leg Shake

I have restless legs. There are times when I just can't sleep, well, for many reasons, but among them, my legs twitch. They ache. They feel like little bugs are inside of them. I just can't sleep unless my legs are very tired.

Sometimes I exercycle. Sometimes I walk in place. And sometimes I do a "leg-shake". Just something I made up. I try to sleep, and sometimes my legs are just so bad that, well, Hubby understands that he just has to try sleeping with the leg-shaking moving the bed.

Here's me ... legs kinda together, feet pointing out. Like my socks?

Now THRUST your legs together, specifically your toes. If you do it hard and fast enough, you'll see your leg fat jiggle!

Now point them toes back out and just keep doing it. Believe me, if you do it hard enough and fast enough, you'll tire them legs out!

This isn't just for restless legs tho. If I'm in bed reading or watching TV, sometimes I do this just to get in some "fidgeting calories burned" ... about 3-4 per minute. Hey! It's better than just lying there at 2 calories per minute!

p.s. There's another little remedy I have for restless legs but it's not proven: the big "O" !!


Twix said...

Lol, oh my! :) Fun! Fun!

Vee said...

Didja like it?!?! V

South Beach Steve said...

My wife has had the restless legs before too, although not in a while. Perhaps I'll have to share potential remedy ideas with her.

Vee said...

Steve: ENJOY!!!!! V

Julie said...

I have this problem too. Not often but once in awhile. I do something like that too, just rattle them and walk around. Jim puts up with them and well, yes the big "O" works too, mostly.
Take care and keep up the great work. God Bless@@@