My Weekly Update

I am better than yesterday!

Backtrack a tad: Read something on Monday over at Jack Sh*t.... it hit me. I'd forgotten his #2 rule of weight loss: eat a little healthier. Yes, I've been eating less, but I'm not eating much healthier. [Deep breath]. Ok, so I cut out a lot of junk, but I WAS relying on peanut butter and chocolate chips to help fill my tummy at night so I can sleep. (Yeah, right, like I sleep.)

Even tho I have cooked and have lots of wonderful quick things for me to eat just sitting in the freezer and waiting, I was eating too much pb and choc. WAY too much. I just couldn't seem to stop myself, or I'd forget what I was doing, and suddenly realize the jars are in front of me, open, with the tastes in my mouth.

I appreciated all of the comments yesterday, and support. I needed someone to listen, and you did. You helped me with your thoughtfulness and advice, and I could feel it.

So ... I sat and thought. And wrote some more (for my eyes only, sorry). Looked at the numbers. Looked at the jars. Looked in the full-length mirror. And came to the realization: **I** am more important than getting a taste of junk.

Then I got up, gave myself a HUGE kick in the butt, and moved the jar of peanut butter (Skippy Natural, BTW, or sometimes organic pb from Vitamin Cottage) and jar of dark chocolate chips to a kitchen pantry that I don't go into as much. Because it has wheat products in it (for Hubby). I couldn't throw it out because I hate wasting money.

Oh, and the jars have sticky notes on them, and on them: GOAL and HEALTH

Every time I got the craving yesterday, I drank some more iced-tea. Or did some laundry. Or watered the plants. Or exercycled! Or something else on my huge to-do list. I got a LOT done yesterday! And moved a LOT!

My eating/drinking yesterday was this:

B: decaf coffee, one-minute gluten-free raspberry muffin

L: caffeine tea, oriental chicken quiche, one-minute-muffin
........with butter, garlic and cheese

D: switched to decaf tea, plus V8 and string cheese

I know, I didn't eat enough. I went the other way, but after the calorie count from Tuesday and the resulting horrible number on the scale yesterday morning, I just couldn't make myself eat much dinner. Trust me, it's NOT a permanent thing. I have today all planned out (hmmm... spicy chili).

This is something I need. My body AND my future AND my family need this.

This getting-healthy thing.

I will succeed!!

Anyway: goals and progress:

FIRST: Changing second goal in my Hot 100 goals:
-from EXERCYCLE 3 hours a week
-to be EXERCISING 5 Hours each week

Now, progress on my Hot 100 goals:

(1) 185 pounds (last Thursday's weight: 212.0): today's weight: 209.6 (2.4 lbs lost*)

(2) exercising 5 hrs/wk: exercycled 30 minutes + other exercises 3 hours

(3) write/finish 3 e-books: some writing

* This is what I weighed Tuesday morning but then I had the pb/choc attack. Everything I did yesterday (a little caffeine, exercising, drinking tea, flax/fiber muffins) helped me get back there and now I can really say: I'm FINALLY out of the 210s. Whew!


Today is also measurement day:

1/26/09: 299.0 lbs
6/26/10: 264.6 lbs
7/20/10: 247.0 lbs
8/18/10: 237.2 lbs
9/21/10: 219.0 lbs
10/21/10: 209.6 lbs ... Total Loss of 89.4 pounds

Under Breasts at Chest:
2/22/09: 44.5"
6/29/10: 43.75"
7/20/10: 41.5"
8/18/10: 41.25"
9/21/10: 39.0"
10/21/10: 38.5" ... Total Loss of 6.0 inches

Rite Upper Arm:
2/22/09: 18.25"
6/29/10: 18.0"
7/20/10: 17.5"
8/18/10: 17.5"
9/21/10: 15.25"
10/21/10: 15.0" ... Total Loss of 3.25 inches

Rite Upper Thigh:
2/22/09: 29.0"
6/29/10: 27.75"
7/20/10: 25.5"
8/18/10: 25.0"
9/21/10: 24.0"
10/21/10: 23.0" ... Total Loss of 6.0 inches

Hips/Stomach Just Below BellyButton:
2/22/09: 58"
6/29/10: 56.5"
7/20/10: 53.25"
8/18/10: 51.5"
9/21/10: 48.5"
10/21/10: 48.0" ... Total Loss of 10.0 inches

Then, in August 2010, I started measuring a few other parts of me:

Waist, 1" above belly button:
8/10/10: 46.5"
8/18/10: 44.0"
9/21/10: 41.25"
10/21/10: 40.5" ... Total Loss of 6.0 inches

8/10/10: 16.5"
8/18/10: 15.75"
9/21/10: 15.50"
10/21/10: 15.0" ... Total Loss of 1.25 inches

Forearm, Left:
8/10/10: 12.25"
8/18/10: 12.25"
9/21/10: 11.50"
10/21/10: 11.25" ... Total Loss of 1.0 inch

p.s.: I'm NOT giving up chocolate ... it will always be a part of my life. BUT when I can go back to eating just one tablespoon a day, I'll add it back in to my day.


Rettakat said...

Good job at handling those cravings! Looks like you had a good week.
Thanks for the nice comment, and yes we WILL do better this next week on our goals.

I had to laugh at what you said about Spam. For me, my Momma fried it up for us as kids, so I suppose it's a "comfort food" that brings back memories. Though even *I* prefer it fried, not cold and "raw". :-O


Mind Over Fatter said...

So glad to see your back on track and I think you've handled the situation well!. Great job with the weight loss and inches, that is some achievement. Your 74% to your goal and 31.6 lbs to go. That's a little of 3 Just 10 Challenges! You can do it!

Debbi Does Dinner Healthy said...

Excellent on the sticky notes! I love all your tracking of measurments and weight. You're doing so good! Thanks for the motivation!

Pippa said...

I *LOVE* the idea of those sticky notes, V! That's what it's all about: keeping our goals in plain view, living them until they become REAL.

I just KNOW this coming week is going to be a GOOD one for you!

Deb Willbefree said...

Hi, Vee. I'm sorry that I missed yesterday's post! I'll read it when I'm done here.

You are losing so well and so steadily, you must be doing a lot right--and those higher calorie days must be few and far between.

I have never had a 20 pound month! I don't think I've even had a 10 pound month. If I have it's been a long time.

Great job.

Thanks for your comment on my blog. You're the first person I've 'met', I think, that has DH. I just call it that "shingles-like rash" so that people have an idea what I'm talking about. My last gluten feast has resulted in TWO spots on my face. yuk. It looks like I have impetago. charming.

I haven't investigated gluten-free replacement products much. Mostly just going with those things that are naturally gluten free (ike corn taco shells) and making my own recipes. The cauliflower pizza crust has been a big hit with me, for instance. :D

So nice to have a fellow GF on my blog roll. :D

We're gonna do this thing!


Twix said...

You handled your problem very well. Awesome indeed! :)

Karen said...

Yay on the PB! My husband cringed when he read on my blog that I had thrown mine in the trash. He is sooo not into waste.