Exercise - Fetch

Fetch? Huh? Yep, play fetch. With your dog. Go throw a ball or stick and have them run to get it. Not enough exercise? Try to beat the dog to the ball/stick! No, you don't have to pick it up with your mouth, but if you get there first, you have to throw it again, right away.

You can burn 7 calories per minute of playing!

No dog? Play with your bunny ... hopping around the room in imitation. Cat? Contort yourself in all manners. Chicken? Flap your wings.

You get the idea.

Just get moving.

I'm gonna!


Twix said...

This had me laughing, thanks! Our dog doesn't fetch. So it's us doing the fetching and throwing, silly dog. And the only thing the old cat does is sleep.... I don't think that counts. Anyways great fun ideas! I'm going to go play ball with the kids instead. :) Happy Tuesday!

TJ said...

I can play this with my boyfriend too! lol :) Any movement is better than no movement! :) Hope you have a great day Vee! :)