In the Mood for Mexican?

This was our chihuahua dog, Spirit. She loved to be buried in her pink towels and blankets with only her nose showing. Wrapped up like a burrito.

Grab something warm and furry and give it a cuddle.

DEFINITELY better than a burrito! Coz a burrito can't lick your face and love you back.

Actually that burrito hates you so throw it out!


Twix said...

Lol, what a sweetie!!

I'd say the only reason burritos hate me is becasue I eat them. ;-)

I've been snuggling my cat. Does that count?

Here comes Thursday!!!

Can you tell I'm trying to rush this week onward? hah

Vee said...

Yes, snuggling your cat definitely counts! And yeah, why you rushing the days? I want them to stretch out because time is moving way too fast! Vee