Change to my getting-healthy plan

This low-carb thing is HARD! I'm getting very bored eating the same things day in and day out. I don't like cooking just for me (my Kid fixes his own meals), and when I do cook, it seems to take too much of my time. So I grab a low-carb yogurt, or some peanut butter, or some cheese, or a quiche or whatever. Something easy.

But I'm bored!

{insert whiney voice here}

I got a great idea for low-carb muffins (and consequently, mock danish) last night from Lori at but will it be enough?


Still ... I thought long and hard. I do NOT want to go back to old habits. And I don't want to keep grabbing the peanut butter... it's comfortable and too easy as a fall-back. I don't want to spend hours in the kitchen every day. BUT I also don't want to stall my getting-healthy and weight-loss plan. I want to keep losing. Keep getting healthy. Making great strides.

My decision?

Starting today, I'm taking one meal a day and adding a few more carbs to it than I have been. Previously I kept my carbs under 50 for the entire day, and doing it pretty consistently. As of today, I'll expand one meal to be about 30-50 carbs for just that meal. Think: carbohydrate addict's diet.

Hmmm.... just thinking about it. A bowl of my favorite gf cereal (Mesa Sunrise, from Vitamin Cottage) with strawberries (oh how I miss that) or a big handful of nuts or a taco shell or oatmeal with millet, or ???

I might just do it on weekends because it's really hard when Hubby's home then. I cook for him, and feel left out so I usually just grab a yogurt while he has meatloaf or whatever.

Yes, this might be sufficient. Good enough to keep me from being so bored that I go back to my old ways.

Hmmm... cereal.


Scuttleboose said...

Not eating carbs is so hard, and even though the fast weight loss is great, it's not a realistic lifestyle. (And everyone who says "I'm just doing this until I lose the weight" will ultimately gain it back). My doctor said that you should have at least 100-130g of carbs per day... maybe try doing one week of healthy carbs (ie complex carbs only) and one week without and pay attention to which ones makes you feel better (not thinner)?

Karen said...

I am a big fan of the South Beach Diet. It is thought of a low-carb but is in fact "good" carb. If you are interested, I can point you to a great online forum full of support and recipes. No carb counting:)

Michele said...

I fully believe that we while we are losing weight we need to eat a diet (meaning food, not on a “diet) that we like. If we do not, the risk is the binge. So, I like your plan. That is why I also shoot for 1200-1500 calories per day and enjoy bites of things that I like hear and there.

Twix said...

That is low carbs! I had no idea. Makes me a little hungry just thinking of just 50 a day. What I have been doing was to try and get my protein numbers as high or higher than the carbs. Kind of like upsetting the applecart and making protein the highest portion of the daily plate. Plus I don't know what I would do if I was to miss fruits and veggies and they seem to have enough carbs in them.
I have trouble with the weekends too. And most weeknights. Always feel like I have to fix myself something different or modified for lower calories. I'm not going to force them all on a lower scale, that wouldn't be right! ;-) I hear you, it's not easy.