Never thought I'd say this ....

... I miss my homemade crockpot pork-n-beans. My kid asked for some and I couldn't do it. Nice soft creamy white beans. Tomato paste. Brown sugar. Bacon. Onion (finely diced so he doesn't actually know it's there).

I knew if I smelled it cooking, that I'd want some (kinda like that bread incident). Beans, even the healthy ones, have way too many carbs. I just can't do it. Not yet. I'll wait until I get on the carbohydrate addict's plan, or even my maintenance plan.

Meanwhile, my Kid got canned pork-n-beans tonight.

I ate peanut butter, and we split a zucchini from our garden. I might still have a low-sodium V8 later. And chocolate chips. Yeah, I'm getting in a food funk.

= = = =

On a different note, I'm racking my brains trying to figure a way out of our financial hole. Things I can do from home, because I'm disabled and don't get out a whole lot.

-I write but I'm kinda dried up.
-I've done medical transcription but a day of that would mean my hands hurt; and I don't hear very well any more.
-Day care? Done it before and I'm really good at it but here in the boonies ... I checked and our insurance won't cover it without a substantial increase.
-Same for Reiki sessions.
-Gift basket business? Like what? And I don't get to the post office very often. Can I do it in priority boxes? And get them picked up?
-Craft business? I'm not good at much anymore (my hands). My soap smells good but doesn't always look good.
-Income from blogging ? Yeah, right. I make about .02 every 6 months.
-A monthly letter/sticker kit for kids?
-or a monthly craft kit?

Just trying to come up with a way out of our pickle. I really welcome any and all suggestions!

Okay, gotta go milk the goat. Have a great evening!


Cammy said...

Could you do medical transcription part-time vs. a whole day of it?

A good website to explore possibilities or maybe come up with new ideas:

Oh, and fix that child some beans. You're waaay stronger than beans.

Cammy said...

Oops, meant to add an :-) after that last comment. :-)

Vee said...

Burst out laughing about the beans. Am I? "Stronger", I mean? I do take showers, after all! ;)

Will think about the med transcription. Struggled through it the first time. Doctors never talk slow enuf or enunciate or the other things I'd hear in the background... argh!