Decluttering all is gonna have to wait

I know I said I was going to declutter my stuff. After all, we just moved into this house in March, and we've been so busy working to get things growing and livestock producing that we barely unpacked a couple of boxes. Only those essential, like clothes, school stuff and kitchen things.

A week or so ago I decided I'd go through boxes and get rid of stuff. I'd giving up on trying to get pregnant. Why do I need to keep everything my son ever used?

But now...

Possibilities. Yes, it's still possible. And with money being so tight, I'm not willing to get rid of things I might possibly maybe really-hoping I'll need within a year.

So, yeah, we're gonna go through some boxes, but put baby and kid things aside, and yard sale some of the rest. Deadline: before we leave for vacay at the end of October.

Meanwhile, I'm gonna continue to work on my health, decreasing my weight and blood pressure, increasing my positive outlook and exercise.

Hey, I played with the goats last night; that counts as exercise! Especially since our biggest kept stepping on my foot so I had to hop around in pain!

BUT ...

... as dusk fell, I sat quietly in front in my chicken pens to watch the ladies and gents get ready for "bed". They hop or fly up to their roost, get comfy, look around, fly back down, get a last drink of water or nibble of grain, scratch around, then do it all over again. Several times. And when I sit quietly, one or two of the ladies might trundle over to me, coo a little in hopes for a treat, then lose interest and go back to the nightly routine.

It's really very peaceful.

I love dusk.

Maybe one day, I'll catch it on digital. Helps with my stress level. Especially with the goat pen on the other side, watching the goats paw a bed into the dirt and settling in. They don't have as involved a process, but it still fills me with pleasure.

My animal family helps sustain me. Not with food, although we do really enjoy the eggs and milk, but more on a spirit level.

= = = =

Time for lunch. I'm thinking tuna salad with homemade flax bread and a plum or the rest of the cantaloupe.

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Twix said...

Sounds peaceful and yummy! hee Have a great evening!