Bloated but losing weight

I couldn't believe it when I got on the scale this morning and weighed 222.8 pounds ... a LOSS of .6 pounds since Tuesday! I mean, I'm all bloated, and can't move so haven't exercised since my TOM started Saturday but here I've lost weight! I guess it's basic moving, taking care of our animals, and eating healthy.

Somewhere I read or heard that as a person loses weight, it's easier for pounds to slip away. I sure hope that's true.

Today is Thursday. Maybe another 3-5 days and I'll be back to "normal". The non-bloat me. Hopefully by Saturday's weigh-in but definitely by next Tuesday's. I should see a heavy drop. Pun intended.

Meanwhile, as soon as I can get back on the exercycle, I'm gonna. I can't believe I'm saying this but I miss the 300-calorie-exercycle challenge. It sure did push me.

= = = =

I took some good pictures last night, but no digital film. Bad lighting and not enough memory left. I'll get around to posting the pix soon. My goaties. My chickens. My favorite tomato plant. My pumpkin. etc. etc. etc.

= = = =

I wrote the following as a comment on the tippytoediet blog this morning but feel like it bears repeating here:
- I am hopeful and certain I'm getting healthy.
- I am hopeful and certain I'll soon be pregnant.
- I am hopeful and certain my enjoyment of life is increasing every moment I live.

The difference between wishing and being hopeful could be the difference between success and failure. Semantics, or intention?

= = = =

I ate really healthy today. Started out with a strawberry low-carb drink for brekkie, as usual. Didn't feel like eating lunch until late then I made a HUGE salad with cauliflower, bacon, boiled egg and onion. Later I realized I wanted peanuts in the salad but it just was too late. Then I wanted a big glass of milk with chocolate cake but neither of them are on my diet, so I didn't. Just kinda moved on with my day and didn't really give it another thought until I sat back down at the computer and read Lori's "snack attack" posting.

I guess it's not just the willpower thing. It's that I don't have the chocolate cake or cow milk here. Sure, I could have drunk the goat milk, but (1) I prefer to save it for my quickly-growing boy and (2) it has too many carbs and calories and fat, and I DON'T intend on messing up my diet now. As for the chocolate cake, I don't normally use the oven during the summer, and it was 92 degrees today so... uh... no.

So here in a little bit, I'm gonna milk the goat, collect any eggs my son didn't see, play with my livestock then have a little dinner. I don't know what yet but I have about 20 carbs and 800 calories left to eat for the day. And I'm planning on a snack of peanut butter and chocolate chips too.

First, I gotta go exercycle for 10 minutes. Have a great evening, all!


The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

Keep going! I won't burst your bubble about being skinnyer equals faster weight loss, but I WILL say that the more muscle you have, the faster the weight slips off. So chew on that for a while as you are cycling. :)
Awesome about your loss!!!
And fingers crossed that you and I both get preggy soon. Cause crossing our legs would be counterproductive! lol

Vee said...

Shrink: Burst out laughing at your last line! Absotively true!

Thanks for uplift. Here's hoping! Vee