Dried Fruits and Veggies from Just Tomatoes

This is the e-mail I sent Just Tomatoes just now, along with this blog address and my contact info:

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To: Just Tomatoes, Attn: Becky:

I've used dried fruits and veggies (mainly from you at www.justtomatoes.com ) since my son was a beginner-eater. The only way I could get him to eat vegetables was the Just Veggies with the corn, carrots, peas and tomatoes. I made a big show out of eating them, he toddled over, grabbed a handful and munched them down.

Even now, at almost 14 years old, he has almost daily the dried peas, corn, mango, blueberries and blackberries. He refuses to eat the peas, mango and blackberries any other way. I've even used these products as a child care provider which I've been for many years.

Recently I began eating healthier and working hard to lose weight. Only 15 days ago, I started eating low-carb, fighting hard to get fruits I enjoyed into my diet. But when I took the many tubs of "Just Tomatoes" fruits and veggies from my pantry to look at the nutritional information, I was stunned.

First, I buy a lot of the medium-sized tubs, but some say the product inside is 2 oz, some say 3 oz, and some say 4 oz. All so far say one serving is 1 oz. And all these tubs, when emptied into a measuring cup, equal 2 cups. That being said,

-Peaches: 2 oz tub = 2 1-oz servings or 1 cup
-Fruit Munches: 3 oz tub = 3 1-oz servings or 2/3 cup
-Carrots: 4 oz tub = 4 1-oz servings, or 1/2 cup

Same size tub. Just doesn't make sense. Besides, having more than 1/4 cup of any dried fruit or vegetable seems like too much.

Second, I also have purchased the powdered dried fruit: cherries, peaches and blueberries. There is NO nutritional information on these packages at all.

I called your toll free number to inquire about this, and spoke with Ben (I think). He couldn't help me. He said that since the powders are sold only online that no nutritional information is required. He had no clue about the first situation, above.

Meanwhile, how am I supposed to use your product while on my low-carb diet plan? I'd like to add a tablespoon of powdered fruit to my plain yogurt but I can't calculate calories, carbs and sodium if I don't get your help. AND I can't recommend your products to people who read my blog if I can't use them myself.

Your speedy response to this e-mail is appreciated.

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As a side note, I exercycled 200 calories before I got my Kid out of bed, and while he ate breakfast, I worked on his schoolwork assignments. Then after we milked, as he watered the livestock, I pasteurized the milk and worked on figuring out these dried fruits. I'm very frustrated, which is why I made the phone call and sent the e-mail.

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Cammy said...

I never heard of these products. It will be interesting to see what kind of response you get, if any.