The Great Goat Escape and Gluten-Free Bisquick Mix

Last evening did NOT go as planned. Shortly after Hubby got home, we heard all of the chickens throwing up a ruckus. I went out to investigate and basically found they were tattling on our goats... two of which had escaped from their pen and were outside the fence, munching on weeds. My two nigerian dwarf girls: 1 doe, 1 doeling. I urgently hollered for Hubby and Kid, telling them to go around to the outside. I sauntered on down to the goat pen where I talked calmly and lovingly, gathering their leashes (yes, dog leashes) and keeping them munching.

Hubby and Kid got close to the goats, so I threw the leashes over the fence, where Hubby grabbed them, ambled up and caught the doe by her collar. Clipped on the leash while the doeling kept munching the weeds and just idly looked around. Hubby clipped the second leash on her and he and the Kid headed on back with the goats.

We were all AMAZED that they didn't take off for parts unknown. How long had they been out? I'd just checked on everyone about an hour before. How did they get out? They rub against everything as goats tend to do and had broken a portion of the fence off. Why did they hang around? Because it's home.

Because it was getting late and time to milk the nubian goat, we just quickly covered the hole with a huge piece of wood, with a pallet in front to prevent them from moving the wood, and went on with our lives. We'll fix it tomorrow (today was chicken coop day).

As to the second subject in my posting's title.... after milking this morning, while I was waiting to heat the milk to pasteurize it, I made pancakes. Gluten-free (from Bisquick's new gf baking mix) with chocolate chips for the Kid and regular with choc chips for Hubby. I calculated the carbs and calories with the new bisquick mix and didn't like the numbers. So, for ME, I took 1/3 cup dry mix (a serving size) and took 1/3 cup water (plus a little more to make a nice batter) and cooked those. It made two muffin-cakes (I used the GT express 101). After done, I cut each into thirds, making 31 carbs divided by 6 = 5.2 carbs! I ate 1 "third" plus a nibble of another. It equalled about 7.2 carbs and 32.7 calories. Was a little bland but maybe next time, I'll add blueberries to mine and get some fruit! Or top with frozen peaches that I dice and heat up with a tad bit of cinnamon. YUM! Otherwise, it satisfied my need to eat carbs while everyone else did.


Get ready...

I can't believe I did this ...


Okay, kinda.

I made a flaxseed bread-thing (ground flaxseed with onion/garlic powder, poured hot water on it, and microwaved it until bread-y: 1.5 carbs, 105 calories). Then I put a slice of swiss cheese on it, some browned ground beef (drained of fat, with onion/garlic powder added), another slice of cheese then microwaved another minute. Added a dollop of mayo and a squirt of ketchup, and ate it with a fork! Closed my eyes, and coulda sworn I was eating a burger. Oh man! I forgot the onion! THAT would have made it even better.

Sigh. I'm satisfied.

Maybe tomorrow I'll do it with pizza sauce. And another day, taco meat. And another day, chicken and possibly avocado. So many possibilities now that I have "bread"!

I've gotta go milk the goat now. Then we're gonna watch a movie and chill until tomorrow morning. Have a great one, all!

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Twix said...

Glad you caught the goats!!! :)