Auntie Came A-Callin

Here's the deal. My dear Aunt Flo has been sorely missed. She hasn't visited since February? March? I feared she had disappeared forever. I am, after all, 47. Soon to be 48. Old old old.

But last night, just as we were getting ready for bed, she appeared. Full force and raring to go. There were no warnings. No "hey ... dropping by soon". No nothing.

(I assume that you all know what I'm talking about.)

So I'm wondering ... why?
(1) I've been drinking lots of raspberry tea. Good for women things.
(2) I've dropped a LOT of weight since I restarted my diet 6/29/10.
(3) I'm eating healthier.
(4) I'm getting more exercise.
(5) I'm low-carb.

I guess instead of wondering why, I should just be thankful it happened. Now maybe, we DO have a chance to get pregnant.

We'll see.

Actually, I'm not really sure we're financially ready to have a Kid. My boy is almost 14, we have this new house, these critters, and suddenly yesterday, we receive an unexpected bill that is really very wrong. Plus eatin' low-carb ain't cheap. I haven't eaten this much meat in a long time.

We have no extra money now. Well, I **do** have all of my son's baby stuff (maybe decluttering should wait a little while longer), and breastfeeding costs pretty much nothing. We'd just need cloth diaper covers (have the diapers). I guess we'd do just fine. Unless it's a girl.

I'm getting ahead of myself.

And I'm rambling again. I don't feel good, I want lots of chocolate, and my right ear is stopped up again (allergies). Hubby's getting ready to leave for another week and his dad was in the hospital last night. We got another chicken coop semi-done yesterday, the rabbit cage cleaned out today, and not a whole lot else done.

I'm just tired. I'm gonna send Hubby on his way with all of that yummy food I cooked last week, then milk the goat, strain, refrigerate, and go to bed until tomorrow. With a hundred trips to the bathroom in between all. I'll catch up on blog reading, writing, and researching tomorrow, and hold off on cooking until Thursday or Friday. Till then... peas!


Lori said...

Hormones stink sometimes, don't they?

If you were eating very low fat before going low carb, that could be why now you are getting your period. Dieting can cause amenorrhea, especially if you eat low fat. Or, it could just be perimenopause. That's what I blame things on now :D

Vee said...

I kept having my fsh levels tested because of infrequent periods over the last 3 years, and it was only this past Winter that they came back low. Remember, I wasn't "dieting" from last October to this June, so I don't think the eating-low-fat-thing was an issue. It was the "I am fat" thing! I think. Gonna take the "wait and see" attitude. Vee

Twix said...

Aunt Flo is weird for me too! And I'm going on 35. Skipped last few months and then hello. I sometimes just wish she would makeup her mind. hee hee

Sounds to me like peri-menopause. I'll second you on that chocolate! Mmmmmmmm!!!!

Lizzie said...

YOU'RE SOOOOOOOOO NOT OLD!!!!!!!! Less of that talk thank yoU!!! xx

Scuttleboose said...

I always get my TOM when I begin eating healthy (and never during any other time due to my Implanon)... it´s like the sign that I will start losing weight!
Sorry I am sooooooo behind on blog reading - I have not had time for it here in Spain. I hope that you are doing well! :)

Cammy said...

I'm doing that 'sometimes it's on/sometimes it's not thing, too. I have to say, I'm enjoying the "not" phases. :)