Did I do anything today?

Have soooo much planned for this week:

-check on chickens, collect eggs check
-give all livestock feed/water/hay check
-exercycle 300 calories
-spend at least 15 minutes talking with Kid about anything on his mind
-medicine in blind chicken's eye; check other chickens for same symptom check
-milk goat, strain, refrigerate (twice daily) check
-blog / update website check
-make 1/2 gal to 1 gallon of various tea (peach, raspberry, green, etc) check

-cook "lasagna wontons" Did-Tue
-cook pork/broc slaw wontons in gt express 101 thing
-cook "taco cups"
-cook chicken with cumin and paprika
-cook hummus wontons
-figure out how to make a low carb bread!
-add pasta to Hubby's leftover meat stuff for yet another lunch

-prepare Kid's chore and schoolwork list for the week Did-Tue
-move wire garden shelves into front room (prep for winter plants)
-catch up on laundry one load-Tue
-clean up green bedroom of plant things
-move non-plant things from front room to green bedroom
-move plant things into front room
-move Kid's desk and bookshelf of school supplies into front room Did-Tue
-work on Kid's library book tracking for high school credits Did-Tue
-make chart to track propane, hay delivery, etc. Did-Tue
-find replacement cord for cooler Did-Tue
-order more milk straining filters Did-Tue
-transplant squash plants from outside to pots for winter eatin' !!
-harvest black beans, dry, place in jar and label
-harvest zucchini and yellow squash, dehydrate, jar, label
-harvest eggplant and figure out how to cook PLUS dehydrate, jar, label
-find plastic eggs (for new chickens because they are about to start laying!)
-go to town for soy flour, cottage cheese, low carb protein drinks and ??
-Library on Friday
-finish reading "True Detectives" by Jonathan Kellerman Did-Tue
-start/finish reading "Fantasy in Death" by J.D.Robb (Nora Roberts)
-research lunchbox meals/ think up more ideas for my own book doing
-finish writing one more e-book
-Set up self-feeding stations in goat pen
-Muck out goat pen
-Get supplies assembled for winterizing goat and chicken pens
-Get nubian goat ready for breeding / find her a boyfriend! Did-Tue
-Friday: clean!

...And no, I don't intend to retype this list everyday ... just wanted to make sure I got a GREAT start on this week.

But ... Whew! It feels good to get some things on my to-do list done. Why not all? Because I know me. I know I need to make a BIG list so that I'll get at least some done. I won't feel like a failure. I feel good that some things got crossed off my list.

I guess the key is learning about myself and how I do things. From getting things done at home, in work (my writing), for my son, and for my health (eating and exercise).

Know myself.

I sure wish I'd spent more time with my Kid today, listening to whatever is on his mind. But we did have fun giving the goats hay and giving the chicken her eye medicine and treats of cheese. And nearly getting blown over by the horrible wind we had today. And he helped me move stuff around. He chose where he wanted his desk in the front room: where he can look over his computer screen to see the mountains to the west.

Hmm. We DID spend time together. I guess if he had something specific to talk about, he would have. He knows he can come to me.

Well, I think. After all, he IS a teen!

BUT ...

Did I track my food?


Did I track my calories?




Calories burned?


But I did make a hand-scribbled note so I **intend** to get caught up on everything tomorrow.

I know. I said that yesterday.

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Cammy said...

I love Jonathan Kellerman's books. And I love lists. :)