Argh! I'm behind!

I had such a busy 3-days here on our little 2-acre farm. From the sick blind-in-one-eye chicken to building chicken coops to last through the winter through trimming goat hooves to mucking out all kinds of places to getting a ton of hay (yes, literally) to cooking a LOT of meals... I'm worn out! But I burned a lot of calories and lost some weight.

TODAY I WEIGH 227.0! I haven't been this low in AGES!

Is it the 5 days of low-carb or just the busy 3 days?

Anyway, Hubby stayed his first night at his mom's last night. In case you missed my earlier posting, he'll be doing this for a while on nights before workdays (Sun-Thu nights) to help us save money on gas and wear/tear on car. It was weird last night, waking up many times because there's no snoring beside me, or the wind was too loud, or the coyotes sang their song near our chicken coops.

I'll get used to it. It's just a part of life.

Anyway, I'm gonna start typing my food over on a separate page: ... because I want to be able to compare at a quick glance what I'm eating and such. Hoping to use these postings just to talk about my day or whatever is on my mind.

Like the posting I read today about decluttering the home. ... About how Lyn tried a few times to declutter her home but just couldn't part with stuff for various reasons. When she was ready, she did it. AFTER she'd left the word (and the state of being) OBESE. I read the comments left for her and left my own. Got me thinking. We really have to declutter our home too. When it's time to move, I pack up boxes, move, and unpack only the absolute essentials, leaving the rest untouched. I can't find anything so I buy more, then it's moving time again, pack up, unpack only essentials, and now there's even more unpacked boxes. Between Hubby and I, we must have a couple HUNDRED unpacked boxes with things from my kid's baby stuff to my teenage stuff to books, toys, kitchen stuff, financial papers, notes, and the list goes on. But now we're in a financial crunch, and it's time to get rid of at least SOME of it in a garage sale. Which means the garage should be the first place we tackle so it will be empty enough to set up the garage sale!

I asked my Kid the other day to gather 10 things to sell. He came up with some toys that hasn't played with in a long time. I couldn't let him part with them because I remembered why the green truck got banged up, or that toy he particularly liked in that kid's meal.

Now, I realize, if I take a pic of the toy (item, whatever) and write what I remember about it, maybe that will help me get rid of it. Maybe I should start a blog just for that stuff. VeeDeclutters.

Gonna give it some more thought.

Ok, it's time to get my Kid up so he can eat breakfast and we can milk the goat.

As today winds through, I'll try to get caught up on calculating this weekend's calories, carbs, etc. ... and get it posted. I have a LOT of cooking to do today, and lots of other things.


I'm already tired just thinking about it. But excited! So many changes!

I think I'll drink a low-carb protein drink for breakfast. I'm not really hungry.

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Cammy said...

Congrats on a great weigh-in! All your functional exercise is paying off!