D68 Sat-When and how do you weigh?

Whew! I can finally sit down and type a few words. Busy here on our little 2 acre farm. So busy that I forgot to weigh! Of course, now it's pretty late and I've eaten all of my food for the day and drunk about a gallon of tea so I don't want to weigh now. It won't be true because I usually weigh early in the morning, after bathroom and before eating or drinking. With just a little bit of skivvies on. Which have begun to severely droop!

I know... probably too much information.

But I figure if I weigh the same way and the same time each weigh-in, then it will be a close-to-true calculation of what I gained or lost.

Just curious ... how many of you do this?

= = = =

Delicious looking recipes and menu suggestions! Wow!

So far today I put that pot roast in the crockpot last night, and this morning took out 2 portions for me (for I ate this morning and the other I'll have tomorrow or the next day). Then I added 3 cut potatoes, a chopped homegrown zucchini, 2 onions, and 2 cups of dehydrated broccoli. Oh, and garlic powder. Looked good to him! When I pack it up for his lunchbox, I'll put in a slice of bread with smart balance for him to eat with it.

I promised to do something with chicken too, but he finds my crockpot chicken kinda bland. How about if I cook it with garlic, then towards the end add cumin and paprika? Then take out some for me and add for him maybe some canned mushrooms? Canned green beans? Onion? No clue. Suggestions?

Thanks to TJ I started thinking about meatloafs! Your recipe sounded good and got me thinking. Tomorrow I am going to kinda do a meatloaf but in the crockpot. Yeah, I know. Weird. I have beans cooking on "warm" tonight (yes, in the crockpot) and tomorrow, I'll put them in a bowl, mash, then add a pound of ground beef and pound of ground pork, onion, oats, a cup or two of dehydrated veggies, and tomato paste ... form it into a huge patty, put it back in the crockpot on high and cook until done. Should be firm, so I'll take it out and slice it into slices. He's asking for me to bake some garlic/italian seasoning bread to go with it so I'll make some tomorrow too ... he'll take it ALL with him!

Wait. That "meatloaf" sounds really really good. If I did a second one (you know... use my double crockpot) and do one for me ... ground beef, ground pork, onion, garlic, 1/2 can tomato paste and maybe some liquid smoke and garlic ... wow! Sounds like something I would love.

I don't use my oven much... just in the winter. It's too hot here and we don't want to run the a/c just to cook.

= = = =

Summary of my day: trimmed the goat hooves, fixed up one chicken coop, doctored and isolated a sick chicken, took in a ton (literally) of hay (hope it lasts most of the winter), cooked pot roast (3 hubby meals), made 5 hubby breakfasts, and did some other crud. Fun fun!

Breakfast: plain pot roast (that's right, no onion or bbq sauce!)
Snack: 1 string cheese
Lunch: salad (lettuce, boiled egg, colby/jack cheese, 6 slices deli ham, 6 slices cucumber, 2 yellow pear tomatoes (from our garden!), 2 tbs blue cheese dressing
Snack: 2 tbsp soy butter
Dinner: low sodium V8, chocolate protein drink, 10 macadamia nuts (I really wasn't hungry)
And before bed I'll have ... 1 tbsp dark choc chips

And today's numbers:
BP: 134/83-82 (too much sodium yesterday but half of that number today)
Carbs: 33.9
Fat: 101.3
Calories: 1369.3
Cholesterol: 342
Sodium: 1528
Protein: 63.6
Calories Burned Whole Day: 5381

Night night! Have fun in Europe, Scuttle!


Twix said...

I haven't weighed myself in months. But I'm in the same clothes and the new ones are the same size so I don't think I have gained to drastically.

Love meatloaf, it's so versatile! Sounds like you had a busy day. Don't worry about the email.:)

TJ said...

I think making anything easier (crock pot cooking ) is the way to go!

I weigh in once a week at my weight watchers meeting at 10 am with breakfast in my belly. Always have always will. lol :)

Jack Sh*t, Gettin' Fit said...

I weigh myself at the same time in the same place on the same day of the week. Weight fluctuates too much during the day for any other method to be reliable.

It still boggles my mind that I can weigh myself right before bed, sleep for seven hours and then hop on the scale and see a 4-lb loss. What am I doing? Sleep sprinting?

The Incredible Shrinking Woman said...

I weigh buck nekked in my kitchen before a drop of water, removing all earrings and wedding paraphanilia first, hair rubber bands are taken out, and if I am wearing glasses, they come off too. Then I try to go poo, pee again, and weigh one more time, just to see if I can do better. I also spend 20 minutes moving the scale around my kitchen floor to see if I weigh thinner next to the stove. Or further from the fridge. After I drink that first cup of coffee, tea, or water, I ignore the scale until right before bed, when I gauge how bad the next morning's weigh in will be.
So, to answer your question, yes. I do that too.