Day 57 Tue Weigh In, Gain, and Feeling Yucky

Just in case you read ahead to my weight, let me preface by saying I started feeling yucky last night. And I awoke this morning very achey, in pain, headache, clogged ears, swollen joints and hands, and just over all ... gimme back my bed type of thing.

Up to pack Hubby's b-fast and lunch, and the cooler for mom-in-law (kefir, eggs, homemade cheese, a yellow squash and 1 little ole yellow pear tomato (both picked last night). Back to bed after he left because I was in soo much pain that I barely got out of bed in the first place. Slept solidly until alarm went off. Snooze. Alarm. Snooze. Alarm ... up, woke up the Kid, got kinda moving and blogged about feeling yucky then got ready to milk the goat. Poor thing.. she was bleating so loud because we were running late. Ow!

Collected 1 egg, milked, strained and poured it into a pot with another 2 quarts to make my son's favorite drink: vanilla goat milk. Then I made a quart of blueberry/green decaf tea, and a half-gallon of earl grey/green decaf tea for later.

Weigh in: 235.2 ... a gain of 1 pound. Oh well. It wasn't anything **I** did, except maybe put on some muscle from all that exercycling because I sure worked hard enough. My calorie intake was always sufficient, and calories burned much more than the 3500 (how many calories it takes to burn off one pound of fat). So ... I'm NOT worried. And I'm NOT depressed.

I just feel yucky.

But I made myself eat breakfast, even tho I didn't wanna.

Breakfast: 2 cups gf rice chex, 1 cup nonfat milk, 1/2 cup sliced strawberries

Hubby and I were just the other day talking about starting our pre-flu regimen: echinacea, elderberry, lots of tea. Argh! Didn't do it in time! Better late than never. Took: elderberry, echinacea/goldenseal, acetaminophen with a glass of lime-juice-ice-water. Started this blog entry then planned to do a little work on my son's homeschool work but got sidetracked with craigslist and my ad to sell our angora bunny. All of a sudden we need an account? To place a free ad? About anything? NO WAY! I'm not going to use Craigslist any more. Anyone have a suggestion for an alternate?

Snack: vanilla greek yogurt, 1 tbs dark choc chips

Ah. Comfort food. Hmmm... Taco meat with lots of onions and salsa on chips is another comfort food so I put some ground beef out to thaw.

I'm taking the Anti-Jared's All Losers Challenge: Started at 299 pounds. Now, today, at 235.2 pounds. I'll be at 199 pounds by December 31 2010. That's 36 pounds in 18 weeks, or 2 pounds a week.

Back to my regularly scheduled program: Don't feel any better. Head clogged now, not just ears. I don't really have time: still have to do some more work on my Kid's schoolwork planning and curriculum to graduate high school/homeschool, and need to start work on making the new hen house. Instead, did some blog reading and some writing.

Lunch: the last half of that gf pizza I got at Formaggio's last weekend: artichoke, onion, bacon, and drank some of my blueberry/green tea

I'm not exercyling today. Tried and couldn't past a couple of minutes because of my intense headache. Put ground beef back in fridge ... I'll fix taco meat tomorrow. Then I had to work on my Kid's home-school assignments. Finally figured out this year's system... well, what will (should) work to track high school credit hours and assignments so giving him a diploma will be easy to figure out. Did a LOT of work on that. After all... the world can't stop spinning just cause I feel yucky, can it? And should my Kid have a day off because of me? Nah, don't think so.

Put the chickens back in their pen and collected 4 eggs (none broken!). Hubby called and was on way to his mom's so since I couldn't wait any longer: short nap. Ok, not so short. I got up in time to milk the goat (with my Kid's help), strain and refrigerate it.

Dinner: V8, 1 cup red grapes

Didn't even want to eat that but my Kid kinda convinced me. Just so tired and achey. Fever of 100.8. I'll get back to working-out tomorrow because I plan to feel better tomorrow. I gotta! Too much to do.

Didn't exercycle. Didn't even calculate how many calories I burned today. I **will** get back to it all tomorrow because I **will** feel better.

For now, I'm gonna finish my grapes, drink some more tea with some more supplements and pain reliever and hit the hay. Er, bed.

Today's Numbers
Carbs: 170.6
Fat: 44.6
Calories Eaten: 1349.0


Cammy said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Scuttleboose said...

Feel better soon! :) And you are doing good not to exercise when your body is already weak - allow it to build itself back up without tearing it apart any more :)

Lori said...

Make sure you take care of yourself and get some rest!

There is that saying that you always get what you deserve on the scale, just not the week you deserve it - so here's to seeing a loss next week for your hard work!

Vee said...

Thanks Cammy, Scuttle and Lori. I'm feeling better already. Well, kinda! Vee at