Day 56 Mon

Up early to pack Hubby's breakfast and lunch, then finished the book I was reading. Exercised. Got Kid up, he ate breakfast and we milked the goat. Since Hubby takes cheese and eggs to his mom tomorrow, I made cheese as soon as we milked and I strained it. While I waited for the goat milk to come to temperature, I ....

Exercycled: Burned 50 calories in 4:56 minutes

Made the cheese and tasted ...

Snack: 1 TABLESPOON of homemade goat cheese ...

... for seasoning. Hmmm... delicious. Strained the whey out. Put 2 jam jars of cheese in the fridge and took the whey out to the adult chickens. Let the egger chicks out to free-range.

Breakfast: 1 cup Mesa Sunrise cereal, 1/2 cup sliced strawberries, 1 cup non-fat dry milk (reconstituted, obviously)

Worked on grocery list for first of month. I usually keep a well-stocked pantry, but my growing 13 year old (taller than I am!) is constantly eating (mostly healthy stuff, very little junk because I don't buy it, and he's stick thin). I've been eating a lot of cereal lately so I'm almost out of that, and various other things. I get a small amount of money the 2nd or 3rd of each month so that's when I do my big shopping. Posted the grocery list on the fridge for everyone to fill out as they think of things we're out or almost out of.

Exercycle: Burned another 50 calories in 6:24 minutes

Realized I forgot to call my friend back, so did so but she must be gone. Argh. Then by 11, back in my office-area, catching up on reading blogs. Then went out to water the corn, tomatoes, eggplant, etc. ... and fill up the chickens' and goats' waters. While watering, the friend called me back and we spoke for about 45 minutes while I finished watering, weeded, threw some corn stalks to the goats, and moved a shelving unit from the barn to the house. MUS-KULS!!!!

Lunch #1: 4 chunks cantaloupe, 1 strawberry, 2 chunks watermelon

Worked with my Kid for a while, and did some housework. Talked with doctor's office about ... well, it's gross so I'm not gonna tell you! Put all the chickens back in their pen, collected 2 eggs (1 was broken!!) and got everybody ready for what looked like a storm. Then ate:

Lunch #2: 1 cup red grapes, 1/2 cup red raspberries, 4 tbs artichoke hummus with garlic powder and an additional tbs of tahini, 17 rice crackers

Made some lemon/lime-juice-ice-water and added some fresh mint. Hmmm.... tasty. Helped my Kid with filling out his paperwork for schoolwork tracking. Talked with a lady from a local film school for a class for my Kid.

Exercycle: Did another 250 calories in 31:38

It took a long time but I've done a total of 350 calories today. That last bit especially took a while ... phone rang, Kid needed me, doorbell ... argh! But... my calories have been exercycled and it's only 5:20 p.m.

The rain stopped. Barely enough to qualify. But enough to make the chicken and goat pens messy. Oh well. Fact of life. Sat down to read for a little while till Hubby got home. Milked the goat, strained, refrigerated. Tortilla time with the chickens and put away the blackies back to their pen. Picked from my garden: 2 yellow squash, 1 zucchini, 1 yellow pear tomato and a mini pumpkin. Cooked dinner:

Dinner: 2 oz gf pasta, 1 tbsp butter, parsley, 2 eggs scrambled with mozz cheese, 3 slices bacon, 3 oz raw broccoli slaw


Ok... it's 8:28 and I'm done. Tired. Ready to brush my teeth, take a shower and go to bed.

Today's Numbers:
Carbs: 160.0
Fat: 47.4
Calories: 1320.8
Calories burned on exercycle: 350
Calories burned in total day: 4951

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Scuttleboose said...

Great job exceeding your Exercycle goal for two days running! :) yay!