Day 55 Sun Passion of the Ice Cream

Started out ok. Up early because we had a HUGE windstorm last night. Didn't sleep much. Got Hubby up at 8 to help me milk. Milked the goat, strained, refrigerated then went out to hook up the goats to their leads in the backyard (so they could free-browse). Let some chickens out to free-range too. Checked on the garden. Sure will be glad when we build up this soil so the plants don't die. One of the perils of buying a house and gardening immediately. NEXT year will be better. Lots of goat poop and chicken manure will help our soil immensely! Anyway... in to eat breakfast:

Breakfast: oatmeal with 1 tbs of apricot only-fruit jam

Went out to check on the goats and they must not have heard me getting to the door because the twins startled which flung the crate they were using as shade down the hill, and our milking goat startled so much she broke her coller! (We use dog collars and lead them around on leashes.) Chased her around, then put her then the rest of them back in the goat pen. Then Hubby and I unloaded the trailer from last night: cinderblocks, tin roofing, wood 2x2's and pine tree boughs. Carried the pine down the hill and came back for more: took about 9 trips to get it all into the goat pen (delicious snack!). Then I ran out of energy because I didn't have protein for breakfast. Shame on me. In to eat:

Snack: 1/2 oz raw unsalted pistachios, 1 tbs natural peanut butter

Put the chickens up and let another 2 out. Pulled weeds, did some more unloading, then in where we proceeded to have an hour-long argument. (I really don't know what to do.) Decided to cancel the rest of our plans for the day, and left for the closest town's pizza place (they have gluten-free crusts plus regular). Wanted to do something fun and not chore-y.

Lunch: water, 1/2 gf pizza with lite sauce, artichoke hearts, onion, bacon and light cheese.

That SEEMED healthy, right? I had to do calorie calculations based on a gf pizza crust and other ingredients we have at home. A total of 584 calories for that half of a pizza! Bah! Totally not worth it. Brought the other half home but might put it in the freezer for a day when I'm really craving pizza.

Then we went to Wally World for more school folders (yep... STILL organizing my Kid's assignments to work over the next 3-4 years to achieve that home-schooled high school degree!), baggies, a new dog collar to replace the one our goat snapped, yogurt and more fruit. While we were there, I got caught in the fozen dessert aisle. Hubby almost convinced me that even a weight-watchers dessert would be ok. We looked, and I realized pretty much everything had a brownie or something else that had gluten in it. Wandered into the ice cream aisle. Oh no. I almost got some. That skinny cow fudge truffle bar looked tempting (pic to right) ... and they had a mint one.

I reached towards the case, and stopped suddenly. A whole 100 calories for some chocolate that would have melted quickly in the heat of the day. All kinds of chemicals. No fruit. No real nutritional value. THAT or FRUIT.

Surprising my Hubby, I turned quickly, pushing the cart with such force and determination that Hubby thought I was mad at him. No, just focused. Fruit. Fruit. Fruit. I rushed to the fruit section of the produce and started grabbing. Another fruit tray. 2 containers of strawberries. Raspberries. Red grapes.

I held the fruit tray on my lap the whole way home. Hubby kept saying he was proud of me but still, I was shaking. I wanted ice cream. Desparately. Could feel it melting in my mouth. But I had fruit. And I had fruit frozen in milk at home.

Got home, unloaded the car, and had a bowl of fruit.

Snack: 1 chunk watermelon, 3 chunks cantaloupe, 1 strawberry ... then another 4 strawberries and a small handful of raspberries.

I felt better. Still, well, we'll see.

Exercycle: Burned 100 calories in 10:21 minutes

Time to milk the goat. Milked, strained and refrigerated. Then picked our first FOUR yellow pear tomatoes (YUM!), picked our first ear of corn (2 worms so the stalk went to the goats and the ear/cob went to the adult chickens), then I got a phone call and went inside for a nice long chat.

Dinner: low sodium V8, 2 yellow pear tomatoes, 1 cup Mesa Sunrise cereal, 1/2 cup frozen berries, 1/2 cup vanilla goat milk, 1 blueberry yogurt, and 1 tablespoons dark chocolate chips

Yes, chocolate.

Because I still wanted something sweet.

And because I could "afford" it.

And because it satisfied me.

Exercycle: Burned 215 calories in 26:37

Why so long for 215 calories? Because I did it differently tonight. I hate exercising and exercycling was getting boring. So I took a book ("Sundays at Tiffany's" by James Patterson) and just read while I pedaled, ignoring the read-out LCD screen.

Hubby pedaled while I typed in my blog and read. Then I biked again:

Exercycle: Burned 85 more calories in 11.45 minutes. That's right .. a total of 400 calories for the day. Do NOT expect it every day.

Today's Numbers:
Carbs: 179.8
Fat: 58.5
Calories Eaten: 1472.7
Calories Burned: 5183 (400 from exercycle) (

I'm stinky, hot and sweaty, and I wanna go to bed. Today took a lot out of me. Physically. Emotionally. Mentally.


Cammy said...

good for you for withstanding temptation! (And good for hubby for acknowledging it!)

Have you tried freezing any of your goat-milk products? Whenever I feel the pull of the ice cream demon and I don't have room for it in my calories, I'll freeze some yogurt and/or bananas. It's every bit as good (to me, anyway), especially with a sprinkling of choco-chips. :)

Scuttleboose said...

Congrats on the NSV of walking past the dessert AND going beyond your workout goal :)

Vee said...

Cammy: yes, I have some milk I mixed with frozen fruit and poured that into popsicle molds. I wanted one last night but couldn't get it out of the mold. Hmmm.. maybe tonight. Thanks. And choc chips in it? Sounds like an ice-cream treat better than anything at the store.

Scuttle: I basically exercised for YOU yesterday because I just didn't feel like starting, but once I sat down with the book, I just read and didn't care. Thanks for helping me. Uh, what's NSV?


Jennifer said...

Just found your blog and I love it! YOu are doing so well! Keep up the good work. I am on a similar journey and I am down about 64 lbs so far. YOU CAN DO THIS!


Vee said...

Thank you, Jennifer. And welcome. Vee