Day 36 Tue Errand Day

This morning started out so very depressing with that horrible weigh-in. A gain? What? I put on weight?! I realize it was only 1.4 pounds but I'm afraid if I gain, then I'll switch over to that mental thinking "Oh well, I knew it was impossible so why bother trying and I really miss footlong sandwiches and pecan pie and ..."


I can't stop now. Not when my underwear are getting so loose I have to buy some new ones soon or Hubby'll divorce me. Nah, just teasing. But really, I need to be able to walk without holding onto my drawers! Same with the bras... unfortunately, if you men out there didn't realize it, the boobage-area is the first area to shrink! At least, for most women I've talked with.

Pre-Milking Snack: diet shake

Breakfast: 1 egg scrambled with 1 slice mozz cheese

Lunch: milk, salad from subway (I know... no sandwich!) with lettuce, spinach, onion, tomato, cucumber, turkey, mozz cheese and italian dressing

Snack: pecans and walnuts

Dinner: V8, peanut butter and homemade cheese on rice crackers

Up with Hubby to pack his lunchbox (don't get me started) but also packed some homemade bread, homemade cheese, vanilla goat milk and a dozen eggs for his mom who he visits once a week. I had every good intention of getting an early start on my to-do list but the weigh-in depressed me so I went back to bed for 30 minutes. Got my Kid up, had a snack, then milked, strained, refrigerated, cleaned up, then fed the chickens and goats. Checked the bank accounts and we headed off for our monthly errands. Picked up livestock feed (hefting those 50-pound bags counts as exercise, right?). Got fruit and meat at King Soopers. Dollar store for a cooler but they were out. Good will where I found a cooler for 99 cents, a gardening book, one on Spain for my Kid's geography lesson this semester, and an Atkins for Life book. Then to the library where I picked up 3 more diet books and returned other books and a book on tape. Then to Wal-Mart for the monthly groceries and various other supplies.

Stopped at Subway for salad for me, turkey and olives for the Kid, and a foot-long club for Hubby's dinner (very tempting to get a sandwich but when I saw that they had salads and I could put what I wanted to, I went for it: spinach, lettuce, turkey, mozz cheese, cucumber, onion, tomato, italian dressing). Vitamin Cottage for gluten-free supplies for me and the Kid, and a whey protein that might help me get a little more protein in my diet without resorting to meat (trying to kick the habit!). Long drive home, unloaded, ate my salad, put away stuff, collected eggs (5 out of 6 possible ... pretty good!), and fed/watered the chickens and goats. Let the wether (neutered boy goat) chew on my shirt. Weeded the garden, then watered.

Ate a snack while I read a little of the flat belly diet cookbook, then just sat with the TV on for a few coz I was tired! Hubby came home, we ate dinner, milked the goat before the storm, strained, cleaned up, and started making some yogurt with this evenings' milking.

I'm tired and I have a headache. Think I'll just take a shower and go to bed with the TV on in the background and a diet book in my hands. Wonder if there's anything good on? I'm usually out with the goats and chickens at this time, watching their antics and playing with them.


Cammy said...

Good for you for not giving into that disappointment! Haven't we all walked down that rocky road before?

and yes, my boobage went bye-bye, too. Oh well, they took a lot of pounds with them. :)

TJ said...

VEE! Hello! I have been so super swamped lately but I wanted to stop by and say HELLO! Glad to see you are back on track and looks like you are doing well too! :)

I just put the spaghetti squash (yes that yellow thing was squash! and the smallest one I have ever seen!) in the oven and remembered that I needed to stop by your blog! :)

Thanks so much for the comments! :)