Day 36 Tue Weigh Day hate it

Hate it hate it hate it hate it.... When I went overboard on the carbs, it hurt my progress. I obviously have the body type that can't handle the carbs. Either that, or I packed on a LOT of muscle since last Saturday... three days worth of carbs or muscle.

Yeah, right.

Okay, here's the depressing news. I gained.

Ack! No! No!

I weighed in this morning at 242.2, a GAIN of 1.4 pounds.

Me no likey.


Cammy said...

Eek! Not the kind of weigh day we hope for, obviously. Well, at least you know it isn't because you haven't been staying busy, 'cause you're one of the busiest women I know!

I wonder if you're eating too many nuts? Maybe your body doesn't like those? Probably not. It's probably just one of those blippy psycho scale things.

Vee said...

Cammy: I try to stay away from most meats and chemical protein drinks so I am stuck with nuts, seeds, dairy, beans and eggs. Did find today some powdered whey protein so I'm gonna incorporate that more in my diet plan.

I'll have to experiment tho. Good suggestions. Thanks!