Day 33 Sat Busy busy busy

Such a busy Saturday!

Pre-Milking Snack: walnuts, water

Breakfast: smoothie (frozen mixed berries, goat milk, banana, hemp), tea

Lunch: chocolate chip gf pancakes, raspberry all-fruit, water

Snack: pecans, walnuts

Dinner: diet shake (coz nothing sounded good), low sodium V8

Got up around 7 to check on the goaties and chickens. Such a horrible storm last night that the goats all finally bonded (got that new nubian last saturday), and all of the pens flooded. Hay blew out of the hayrack so we had to refill. But for the most part, everything was drained and drying this morning (the only good thing about having sand as "soil"). Milked (a whole quart!), cleaned up, fixed us all our smoothies, did some weekend chores, and planted 2 trees. Lunch (I know... now the healthiest but I promised the Kid and Hubby!). Planted 2 more trees, cleaned the chickens' feeders and waterers, collected eggs (6 out of a possible 6 ... yippee!!!), showered, and practically passed out. Planting trees is hard work... no need for exercycle! Didn't do much for the rest of the day because I was still itchy from the day before, and because I was bone tired. Oh yeah, I did make 6 more straps for the 3 walnut trees we're planting today. Well, hope to. After dinner, milked again (another quart!!!). Fed the chickens. Played with the goats. Collapsed into bed.

When do I get a day off?!?!

Great weekend, everybody!

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