Day 34 Sun Farmers Market

I love Sundays. Not so much because they are chore days, but because I love going to the farmer's market. Wait... let's talk meals first:

Pre-milking snack: diet shake (quick and cold and easy)

Breakfast: cereal with goat milk, cheese (that I just made and had to sample!)

Lunch: Village Inn: cottage cheese, fruit cup (watermelon, cantaloupe, grapes), 2 egg cheese omelet

Dinner: pot roast, bbq sauce, fresh raw green beans

Exercise: nothing structured... chased and played with the chickens and goats, walked through the farmers market, a few arm exercises.

Back to my day: So I got up early and got supplies ready to make cheese and bread. Hubby up to help with the milking and feeding the critters. Made ricotta cheese for us and some for mom-in-law, and with the leftover whey, made bread and soaked oatmeal for tomorrow's breakfast. Errands in town included dollar store (needed a better strainer for the cheese), goodwill (picked up a changing table we're going to use for the chickens), farmer's market (cantaloupe and cherries), Village Inn for a break from the heat and take in a cool lunch, library for fiction (yeah, like I have time to read!), and then home. Baked 2 loaves of cinnamon walnut bread. One went to neighbor who has been a great help learning about livestock care, and also gave her some of my homemade glycerin soaps. The other one is presently getting munched on by Hubby. Cleaned 1 1/2 baths (I did the guest bath and the hall half-bath, my Kid did his, and Hubby did ours). Checked on garden (I have lots of goodies coming along, like cucumbers, squash, zucchini, cantaloupe, beans, tomatoes, winter squash, and lots of basil that already needs picking). Collected only 2 eggs today (awh!). Fed the chickens and goats. Let my wether (neutered boy goat) chew on my shirt. Pulled lots of weeds and gave some to each pen of chickens and the goats. Got more hay for the goats. Prepared for what looks like'll be a huge storm in the next hour or so. Watered my inside garden. Started tomorrow's breakfast (gf oats with half whey and half water) in crockpot so it'll be ready in the morning. Load of dishes. Shower. Bed soon.


Shame on you, Cammy, talking about watermelon! Cold, wet, crisp, melt in the mouth ... freeze a bit and munch on frozen ... delicious! Plus, we like to give the rinds to the chickens and they buzz right through them, barely leaving the outer rind. I WANT SOME!!!

Gonna try her recipe for frozen fruit cup. Will post my version of the recipe when I get a chance to make it. Might be a week or two.

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Twix said...

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Lol, frozen melon .... YUMMY!!!! :D