Fat Arm Blues

My arms are really bothering me. Not just the pain, but the horrible way they look. See pic (the best I could snap this morning).

I've noticed that this "fat arm" is mostly typical in people as obese as I am. Not so far in the forearm, but the upper arm is huge. Wondering what causes it and what I can do to make it go away

Yes, I'm still losing weight, and yes, I'm exercising, but wondering what specifically I can do for this horrible "fat arm" syndrome.

Note: dinner last night: my stomach still hurt so I only had a small spoonful of peanut butter, a few almonds and a bowl of corn chex cereal with milk. Total exercise yesterday: 5 minutes exercycle, 20 minutes light exercising, 3 minutes exercycle, 1 hour gardening and weeding, 5 minutes exercycle


Jenn said...

I know how you feel - of all my jiggly parts, I hate my arms the most. It's just going to take time, you know? The more you lose, the smaller they'll get.

Lyn said...

Hey! Did you steal a pic of my arm when I wasn't looking???

Joking aside, yeah, it is a big problem here too, and I am closer to 190 pounds but still have the arms I had at 250+. But hey, eventually they have to shrink on both of us :)

Vee said...

Thanks Jenn and Lyn ... here's hoping all of our arms look "normal" soon! Vee