Day 19 Sat Weigh Day and Day 20 Sun

Here's a picture of my goal outfit. Changed it from the dress because the dress I mentioned the other day may ALWAYS make me look like I'm 8 months pregnant. Went through my closet and chose this jumpsuit and took a pic. It's very hard to get into so I plan to be able to easily fit into it by October 29. This year. --->

NO! Changed my mind ... this dress to the left is from Macy's and is my new goal outfit. It's a size 12, which means my goal weight of 180 is spot on. Added this comment Jul 20 2010.

Anyway... So busy that I didn't get a chance to post my weight yesterday morning or what I've eaten since Friday night.

First things first... I didn't lose a lot. Again. My weight Saturday morning was 246.6... down only .6 from Thursday, for a weight loss for the week of only 2.0. Sad considering the week before I lost a total of 7.2 pounds. But still... at least I'm not increasing. Right?

I decided to shake things up. I had Hubby bring up the exercycle from the basement to the front room. Can see the mountains while I "ride". Did 5 minutes yesteday morning, 3 minutes last night, 5 minutes this morning, and another 3 minutes around lunch time. My stamina is obviously horrible, but I'm going do it in baby steps if I have to.

Also changed my food plan. Eating heavier meals in the morning, medium meals for lunch, and light meals at dinner with light snacks between each. Or trying to.

Yesterday was a messed up day. Didn't get a chance for any snacks.


Breakfast: 1 piece gf raisin toast, 1 turkey burger with spicy brown mustard, red grapes, blueberries

Lunch: Village Inn: cottage cheese, 2 egg omlette with cheese/tomato/mushroom/bacon, mixed fruit (melon and grapes)

Dinner: 2 turkey sausages, 1/2 yellow bell pepper, 4 mushrooms (pic to right: my plate is on the left, Hubby's on the right)

The bell pepper tore me up.... by 2:30 this morning I was "sitting" in pain, waiting for it to go through my digestive system. Relief after about 30 minutes. It was horrible. Gonna cut back to 1/3 or even 1/4 of a bell pepper, unless it's one of the miniature peppers from my garden.

Sunday (Today):

Breakfast: gf oatmeal/quinoa, 3 bacon-wrapped pineapple chunks, 2 bacon-wrapped cherry tomatoes, grapes

Lunch: Red cherries, 3 leftover bacon-wrapped pineapple chunks, handful almonds, 1 piece gf raisin bread, small spoonful of peanut butter

Hubby just left for an errand in town. Before he left, he offered me a taste of his soda. When I said uh uh, instead of saying he was proud of me for turning it down, he got defensive. Said he was just being nice.

Is he trying to sabotage me because he likes me being fat?

No clue what I'm gonna fix for dinner. Too hot to think about it.

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