Day 18 Fri Food and Trying on Clothes

I had a difficult day today. Scorching hot here, with more heat down the pike till probably Fall. No end in sight at this point. I mentioned before it bears repeating: I hate to sweat. And I hate to be hot.

Breakfast: handful almonds (too hot to cook)

Lunch: leftover taco meat with fat-free sour cream, cherries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries (couldn't finish the fruit so saved it for snack)

Snack: more almonds and the leftover fruit

Dinner: raw cabbage/carrots/broccoli, peanut butter, laughing cow lite cheese

Ate dinner at home. Mom-in-law is staying at the hospital another day, but Hubby went after work and his dental appointment, taking dinner for them from a grocery store deli. Giving them time to themselves.

This morning, before it got too hot, I unpacked another box, this one with the nu-wave oven and my clothes. Hadn't seen these since we packed to move over a year ago. There's my purple shorts! As I straightened and folded, I tried on this skirt or that pants or these shirts. Ugh. Some weren't a pretty sight, but some I could actually fit on! Amazing.

I re-packed the box, this time with clothes that were too loose on me (!!), or good clothes that I used to wear when I had an office job, and those that I'm working hard to fit in to again. My wedding outfit went in too. But one sundress I put on a hanger and hung on our bedroom wall. Today I look 8 months pregnant in it, but every time I look at it, I will remember my goal to look GOOD in it by early Fall. (I'll take a pic of me in it soon.)

I can do this!

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