Day 21 Mon Food and Exercise

Oh Monday Monday. What a Monday. Hot (but not in the 100's by 1 degree) and sweaty. Busy with monitoring my Kid's experiment eating wheat just for Monday, and working on his schoolwork. Writing a book. Argh. Yep, busy. Here's how the day went:

Breakfast: fried home-laid egg, red grapes, blueberries

Snack: almonds, banana

Lunch: gf raisin bread with a little butter, strawberries, 1 turkey sausage

Snack: blueberry oganic greek yogurt

Dinner: tuna salad w/mayo & pickle relish & onion, 1/4 orange bell pepper, carrots

Did I eat too much? When I see it laid out like this, it seems like a lot of food. Like I was eating all day. And actually, I had planned to have the banana with breakfast but by the time I finished the egg, grapes and berries, I was really full. Seems like I ate a lot of all the food groups except grains but I didn't feel like eating any. Only thing that sounded good was the raisin bread. So... am I eating too much fruit? That will slack off when fresh fruit goes out of season, and I struggle to eat veggies because they tear up my gut.

Just wondering.

Anyhoo... I drank lemon-juice-and-decaf-instant-iced-tea alternating with water all day. Close to a gallon each day. Hoped the water and lemon juice washed out the reminants of the bacon from Sunday.

Exercise (in order of appearance!): 6 minutes exercycle, 10 minutes of arm exercises with 3-lb weights, 4 minutes exercycle, 30 minutes gardening, 6 minutes exercycle

Hope hope hope the scale registers downward. I worked really hard! Today is weigh day. I'll post it a little later.

= = = =

Cooking question: I don't like eggplant cooked but know it would be good for me to eat. We have some Black Beauty eggplant growing in our garden, but next year will grow white Casper eggplant that has a milder mushroomy taste. Anyone have recipes using raw or very lightly cooked eggplant that's healthy, gluten-free, and doesn't let the eggplant taste like eggplant? Thanks!

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