Day 22 WeighDay Argh and measurements yeh

Ok... I weighed this morning and boy am I not happy. I'm sure I gained muscle but I really prefer to see that scale show me lower numbers every time I weigh.

Today: 247.0
Gain: .4

Yuck. So I took my measurements. Just as a refresher, I originally started this getting-healthy thing on 1/26/09 at 299 lbs, and took my measurements for the first time on 2/22/09. I stopped everything on 10/07/09 for various reasons and started back up on 6/29/10. Ok.. here they are!

Measurements and Weight:

1/26/09: 299.0 lbs
6/26/10: 264.6 lbs
7/20/10: 247.0 lbs Total Loss of 52 pounds

Under Breasts at Chest:
2/22/09: 44.5"
6/29/10: 43.75"
7/20/10: 41.5" Total Loss of 3 inches

Rite Upper Arm:
2/22/09: 18.25"
6/29/10: 18.0"
7/20/10: 17.5" Total Loss of .75 inch

Rite Upper Thigh:
2/22/09: 29"
6/29/10: 27.75"
7/20/10: 25.5" Total Loss of 3.5 inches

Hips/Stomach Just Below BellyButton:
2/22/09: 58"
6/29/10: 56.5"
7/20/10: 53.25" Total Loss of 4.75 inches

Not happy that my big fat arms (see yesterday's post) are not losing very fast. Still waiting for ideas on how to speed this up!

But ... Have to look at everything ... so YES, I **am** losing!

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Cammy said...

Yes, you ARE losing and doing it quite nicely, too! Losing 50+ pounds and a dozen or so inches is no easy task.

I actually didn't lose a whole lot in my arms. They are shaped differently now, though, and that's because of strength training. Here are a couple of good links: