Day 9 Wedn and Weigh In

Day 9 was yesterday, Wednesday, and it was busy! I exercised, ate right, planted more seeds in the garden, played with the goats and chickens, and hunted for more books for my Kid's homeschool curriculum.

Breakfast: fried egg
Lunch: lots of fresh fruit (cherries, raspberries, blueberries), almonds, cheese
Dinner: tuna salad, rice crackers, carrots

Weighed in this morning and boy was surprised! I thought my tuna salad might have had too much sodium (pickle relish, mayo) which can cause water retention, but if it did, I can't tell. I weighed in at 250.4 pounds! That's 2.6 pounds in 2 days.

My highest weight was January 2009 at 299 pounds so I've lost a total of 48.6 pounds, and since I started "this round" of "getting healthy", starting at 264.6 on Jun 29, I've lost 14.2 pounds.

Just .4 pounds to go before I'm in the 240's and believe me when I say that I haven't seen the 240s in quite a few years. Actually, I can't remember when I was there!

Wish me luck!


Ruby Leigh said...

congrats - whoo hoo!

So when do we get to see an update photo... ?

Vee said...

I'll try to get one posted soon. Camera is acting funny. Did I post a beginning pic? Gonna have to look. Thanks, Ruby! Vee

Lori said...

Good luck!