Day 10 Thur Errands, Planting and Planning

Yesterday was sooo busy! Up early to work on Kid's schoolwork.... yes, it'll take me until he starts back in August to have it ready. Also worked on my "diet" plan to see if I could reduce the fruits and carbs and increase the veggies. Then nudged my Kid out of bed around 8:30 to eat and do chores so we could get on the road. Grabbed a quick fried egg (forgot the lemon juice ice water until just now).

Got car registration renewed. Went to ranch store to get bulk oats, corn and sunflower seeds (for the livestock AND edible for us!). Wally World for miscellaneous necessities, including a small package of pecans for my mid-morning snack. Then went to a different Wally World because the first didn't have all of what I needed (and ended up not getting all I wanted but did get lots of school supplies!), then health food store, then home. Unloaded everything.

Lunch: grapes, cottage cheese, blueberry greek yogurt, tea

Planted 2 more varieties of beans and 3 more varieties of summer squash. Tended the goats and chickens. Rained a little so organized the school supplies. Hubby came home. Fixed dinner.

Dinner: homemade hummus, cucumber/tomato salad, carrots, seaweed rice crackers

I started lifting weights again. Problems with my hands so I can't grip very well (which will never improve), and my arms are messed up too so I can only do about 10 reps of each exercise, but at least it's a start.

Was asked to provide an updated photo. My Kid took it last night then I uploaded it (has the wrong date on the pic ... just gonna leave it!)! I know I don't look very different but I certainly feel different. Just wish my energy level would increase more.

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