Day 3 Review

Yesterday was Day 3 of my new life. I got up a little late, around 5:30 a.m., wrote the mortgage check and sent Hubby on his way to work. Weighed myself ... 264.6 on Day 1 to 258.2 on Day 3? I lost 6.4 pounds in 2 days? No, that can't be right. Probably just water loss (no, not taking diuretics) or the lack of sodas or candy or bread.


Then walked outside to check on our baby chicks that had just spent their first night outside in their new coop. Said hi to the laying chicken and our goats, headed inside. Fixed me a quart of lemon-juice-ice-water (LJIW) and fried me up an egg. Hmmm...

Paid another couple of bills, watered the indoor garden (lettuce, etc), exercised a little, then took a little nap. About 15 minutes. When my Kid got up, got busy again, ate some dried fruit salad snacks (no sugar, no sulphur) with more LJIW, did some business.

Time for lunch: mandarine oranges, applesauce and almonds. Oh, and switched from LJIW to iced green tea.

Worked on my Kid's school-at-home curriculum for the Fall (high school freshman this year), got rained on 10 minutes after I watered the garden and tended the chicks, then started dinner: crockpot quinoa (very high in protein, with gf oats, cinnamon, vanilla and raw goat milk). Hubby got home and we did some chores, then ate, with some pecans. I intended to make coleslaw (cabbage, carrots, low fat mayo, onion) but we got so caught up putting the rooster with our laying hen, and watching to make sure they didn't kill each other ... that by the time we got back in the house, it was about 9:30. Too late.

I didn't mean to eat so little.

Bonus: as I was lying in bed last night, playing with a ring on my right hand, I realized it felt a little loose. This is a ring that has been stuck on for at least a year. But last night, it wiggled a little, and ta da! Came off! A ring that had been concerning me finally came off and that's without grease or oil or freezing my hand! Wow!

Pretty good day, considering I was sore from moving the chicken pen and exercising. Gonna grocery shop today because I am really craving some berries, watermelon, cuke, etc. Wish my garden was producing already.


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The 50 Best Health Blogs said...

Everything is falling?

Chickens falling in love, weight falling off, light fixtures falling ... Better be careful!

Sounds like an interesting life you have.